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this time not quite about books… well, still in the book-area though..
quite early in my life I got into Lucy M. Montgomery’s books… I read all “Anne…” books, “Emily…” etc. In my imagination, in my dreams, I was there, walking where she walked, and couldn’t quite believe that all that world was just Author’s imagination…

Well, not quite a little girl anymore, couple of I had a chance to go to PEI. No disappointment there. It was everything I imagined and more… Including Green Gables House…

There I found out that L.M.Montgomery moved to Ontario after she got married… so… couple of years later – there we go:

Leaskdale (1911-1926)…

…and Norval (1926-1935) …

The Manse in Leaskdale is renovated and restored to the way it looked when L.M.M. lived there… all the furniture and decor is based on the Journals of L.M.M. and the pictures she took (turns out she was quite a photographer 😉 ). Well worth visiting. Norval has a cute little garden, but the house is being lived in  by the pastor of the church and his family, so no walking around there… too bad 😦

Trips like that are just amazing.To see all those places that gave L.M.Montgomery the ideas, that sometimes she just described in her books… all/most of them real places… 🙂 just like the Haunted Woods Anne was so scared to walk through at night…


…it is incredible when the dreams come true… 🙂


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