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literally. windchill of -32C that’s what I woke up to today. phew. drove the kiddos to the bus stop, still have to walk those 20m from the car to the bus, and my sinuses were screaming. ugh.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow – so kids took some goodies for their schoolmates. as there is no-food-gifts policy at school, and you can only give the pencil/eraser combo so many times, I started crochetting little nick-nacks 2 years ago. this year – simple, multipurpose, tri-colour chains 🙂 (bookmark-hair scrunchie-bracelet-keychain-etc)IMG_8465

teachers – min-pouches with a Valentine’s Day wish inside 🙂


my bookclub ladies got some upcycled hearts (also a base for a bookmark from the last post 🙂 )


kiddos got bookmarks (pattern from the post “off the hook“)

all is good.

and the read for today 

so far I’m not sure if I like it or not, a bit slow start, but it was hard to find a book that would fit into book #6 of my reading challenge (from THIS post, but also I’ve put it into the sidebar 😉 ) – a book written by someone under 30 years old 😀

now I just need a hot coffee and I’m good to go 😉


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