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done with the Maine ;)

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and let me tell you – I did not expect to like it as much as I did.

as usual I posted a simple, heartfelt review on goodreads

I’ve chosen this one as the book for the “book by the author under 30 years old”, it was not easy to find such a book, mind you! but I’m glad someone suggested this one. totally captivating, well, for me from about page 55, but still.
the whole book is written from 4 perspectives: elderly Mother/Grandmother, her Daughter, Granddaughter and Daughter-in-law. each of them a complex character, and a reader has a chance to see them from various perspectives – their own and each others – eyes and point of view, which helps to better understand them and motives for their behaviours. everything is happening in or around the cottage in Maine, beautiful, peaceful place, to which they come willingly (or not so willingly) to live, to sort things out, and for many other reasons.
each of the characters does her own jumps back in time, which helps the reader to figure out why on Earth they behave in one way and not the other? 🙂 and somehow as the book progressed I was getting more and more sure that everything will work out, they will grow up finally 😉
the ending on the other hand is a whole different point… not sure why did it end so suddenly… and in a way that could be explained in few ways… maybe it was so the reader will work out his/her own way?
(in any case – it felt for me as if the author ran out of ink or time 😉 just kidding of course, but somehow makes me wonder )


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