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Part Two ;)

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Of the Jamie Quinn series,

/possible spoilers, but I am always trying not to spoil it too much 😉 /

Part one leaves us at the point where Jamie catches a sleuthing “bug”, and as she never knew who her father is – asks Duke, her past-client and favourite ( 😉 ) Private Investigator to dig a bit and see if he can find something out…

“The Case of the Killer Divorce” picks up a few months later, Duke has something to report for her, Aunt Peg has something for her too, her client that is going through a bad divorce is acting up, ending up accused of killing her ex…
To top it all – some “male distraction” shows up at the scene – Jamie’s ex-boyfriend from teenage times…

All those threads sum up for a real cozy cozy mystery 😀

This second part made me realize that in this series, the mystery itself is just one part of it. What makes it a great, fun and fast read are the interactions between characters. There is a lesson – small as it might be – coming from each of the book. Now – be it information about the didgeridoo (from book #1), or some political-historical background information about Cuban movement, important for understanding where and how Jamie’s parents met.

…and yet again the only “complaint” I have is – there could have been few more pages!!! 🙂


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