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Dandelion… ;)

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In the title of course. Outside still everything solid white, not even a speck of grass can peak through (what is grass anyways??? :/ haven’t seen it for ages… ok, not for ages, but months for sure 😉 )

That is the Dandelion I’m referring to 😉  Just finished the book few minutes ago, and – wow. Great cozy!

The main thread – the “Whodunit” part – nicely led throughout the whole book. From the very beginning we know (or suspect) the frame job, very elaborate at that 🙂 No trouble spared – planting evidence, set up, involving social media, playing on public weaknesses and “need” for scandal. As I was reading, my head was shaking more and more – how quick the society is to judge a person, hop to conclusions without even checking if the suspicions are true or not? Why do we play “follow the leader” so eagerly and quickly, sometimes without even thinking? Is the saying: “so many people say it so it must be true” really valid reason for hurting people?

I appreciate the lack of mentoring in there. I sometimes find the “lessons” the Author wants to pass on to the readers a bit too much, be it about the history of places/people, some events, or just simply a trade or something. Here if anything – I could pick up a thing or two about the investigating methods – as the amateur detective/florist (Abby) I perceive as a “sidekick” of a real PI (Marco).

In short: a book full of lively characters, where the past comes back and some secrets are revealed, relationships are being tried, laughing intertwines with tears 😀 Oh and did I say there are… vampires in there? Well, at least somebody wants the public to believe that…

/And here I was always saying I don’t read the books about…vampires… 😉 well…. I kind of… still did not 😉 /

Loved it, and I believe I found myself a new series to “hunt” for in the library 😀 (as per usual I did not start from book #1. Oh well 😉 )


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