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From the Bottom of my Heart… /or – just a little rant/


Recently I came across a picture on FB: bookpic

Cool huh?

Yeah. Cool. So let me tell you about a little “situation”:

A group of bookworms. True bookoholics or whatever you can call people that get pictured with a book in the hand (on the lap, in the purse, hanging of the above the counter shelves, etc.). Nice conversation about who read what – great time! Everything is awesome – to quote a recent tune… and everything is cool, until you mention you haven’t read – say – the Shades*. And you get THE LOOK – eyes wide open (on the borderline of popping out)  – WHAT? You DID NOT read that!!!!!!?????

Ekhem. well.. Hello?

That works both ways. Never be ashamed of what you DO NOT read either. Because – frankly? “Too many books, to little time”. Life is too short to be reading books you do not enjoy.

Besides? Been there, done that – have read enough weird books I did not enjoy reading when I HAD to read them at school 🙂

*Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games – you name it.


3 thoughts on “From the Bottom of my Heart… /or – just a little rant/

  1. I haven’t read them either….I didn’t mind watching some of the Harry Potter movies with my girls. I’m just not into sci fi of any kind or fantasy or zombies.

    • I’m just not convinced as to that amount of magic, evil etc. in the book. Not my cup of tea 😉 I’d get nightmares for sure 😀

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