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…is how I feel when I’m torn between the book I should if not read then at least give a fair try (- book club meeting is coming soon! and the book is not what I call an easy read…), the one I should read for my 2015 challenge (that one I finished and wrote about in my last post) and the one I want to read (which is this one:

 🙂 )

So after I read one (for challenge) and  “put a dent” (figure of speech of course 🙂 ) in the one for book club, I finally rewarded myself and read “Peril in the Park” 🙂 And as I suspected and expected – it was a treat!

I was happy to pick up where I left off – with Jamie happily involved in a relationship with a handsome guy (her ex-boyfriend b.t.w. 😉 ), although there is trouble on the horizon – someone does not like him doing his job… So there is a Park Vandal, there is a body of a PI (who was following Jamie and taking pictures of her), there are threatening emails, corruption on various levels, PETA gets involved at certain point, and so does FBI (including a very sexy agent that stays close to Kit… too close for Jamie’s liking actually 😉 )!
Parallel to all that – Duke’s love affairs (that raise some hair on Jamie’s head 😉 ) and heartwarming thread of Jamie’s Father…
Really nice combination of all 😀

On more “technical” note – I was happy to see that the Book #3 was substantially longer than other 2 (yay!), I also found this one to be a bit less humorous than the other ones, not that something was missing, just fewer giggles throughout the book 😉

Would be nice to see if #4 (when it comes 🙂 ) will be yet longer than this one? and would it be the one to show the father-daughter reunion at last? 🙂


As to the book club read – here it is:

and I think I’m finally getting into it… will have to read a bit more and see… Not that it is a terrible read – not at all. Just not an easy one 😉


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