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What I love about reading book series is that, in most cases, each time a new one “pops out” (I am not sure the Authors would agree on that one, but lets just take it as a figure of speech 😉 ) and I put my hands on it, when I open – it is as if I had a meeting with some old friends. Yes, I am that kind of a reader which gets (overly?) involved in each book she’s reading. That’s probably why it is not wise for me to read any horror stories – pretty sure it would be a heart attack waiting to happen. But it is also a reason why, when I do write a review, it is a truthfully heartfelt one… I find it hard to read late at night – I have a family and I value their sleep too much to risk waking them up with either my cry, laugh or scream 🙂

I absolutely love it when I get caught up in a series – meaning: I’ve read all the books the Author wrote in a given series and wait for the next one… Well. In most cases I wait pretty patiently – hoping the Author will not make me wait too long. But that is OK – it gives me a chance to… get caught up in other series and/or to find a new one, worth catching up 😀


Long time ago, while living on a different half of the globe, I was dreaming of becoming a writer one day… A poet at first… then a writer maybe… Did try to write to a local newspaper – even had a series of articles published. The Fate wanted me to change my language from my native to English and there went the confidence… The thought of being a writer went to sleep and was sleeping for a few years… Something happened just recently though, and it starts to wake up 🙂 As I was an avid reader my whole life, I thought reading books and writing reviews could be a start… so here I am 😀


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