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not your classic review…

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/possible spoilers/

Even though the book is said to be classic. 

It was one of the books I was kind of “pushed” into. Listed for my library book club, so I was handed a copy and I knew I’d give it a fair try. After all you never know unless you try, right?

Well, it took me long enough to read it. I was on a verge of giving up a few times, but I did finish it. And all in all I am glad I did.

First of all – I liked the style. The way of describing things, places, people, situations – was really good. I think what I was having problem in this book was the volume. The intensity of emotions of pretty much every single person in there… almost as if every single character wanted to “take over” the book, and when they almost do – the plot gets over to the next one… Yet in all of that I found that real tragedy when it happened, was somehow talked over, and… yes, and what? Or maybe there was too much tragedy everywhere to be able to see the thought through?
Or maybe the point was – bad thing happen and the life goes on?

The whole books screams to me of the need to be understood. Irony of it all is that everyone goes with their thoughts and problems to John Singer, the deaf-mute man, and they all are convinced he KNOWS. Knows what their thoughts are, knows what they are going through, knows the answers to their questions, knows… and UNDERSTANDS them. Do they try to know who he is? What is important to him? What his life is about? Funny, I do not recall one single question that any of those who went to him on regular basis, would ask themselves about Mr.Singer…

He had his own life though… Happy at first, living with his friend, and as the irony would want it – he himself was convinced that the only person that can understand him was that Greek, who shared meals, room and everyday life with him… Was it so? Well, I am not so sure…

How to summarize the book without overthinking it? I do not think I can…

I’d say it is a story about how strong is the need of every single person to have someone that would understand them… Yet how selfish a person can be in that need… How much of a one way street it can be – take take take, but what did they give back? They all took the mute intelligent person for granted. None of them even trying to make an effort to see that he is also a human being, and maybe needs something/someone?

I noticed the Author wanted to end the book with some sort of a hope… well, at least for the “leftover” few characters…

The musically talented girl makes plans for her future… even though she seems to be stuck in some hard and dark place… Somehow I am not convinced she’ll succeed…

The bar owner sets up a beautiful flower display in the window… looking for love in his life. Will he find it?

The man with the revolution in his head walks away from the town – almost as if defeated… but as he walks the Hope wakes up in him… Will he see his ideas through?

The black doctor… well. Here I am not sure if he’ll survive… I sure hope he will and won’t give up his idea… although seems like the idea survived and was put into action some years later…?


I know this “review” is somewhat (?) chaotic.
So was the book 😉


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