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Elementary my dear Watson… :)


As a teenager I loved reading Sherlock Holmes stories. That’s how I was taken into the whole world of mystery. No wonder I was very curious to read the new ones that keep showing up nowadays 🙂

Just a few days ago I had opportunity to read it 🙂

I have to say I was filled with lots of mixed feelings while reading it. First and foremost – the stories themselves were fun to read, some more complicated than the other, few with really good intrigue in it. Plots interesting enough, overall – simply good, entertaining read. And had it not been that the main characters were supposed to be the world’s finest detective and his trusty sidekick I’d say – great collection. But they were, and I have to say they were inconsistent at times… It seemed to me sometimes Sherlock “forgot” he is the almost magically brilliant one, lost some of his secrecy, talked and explained way too much… also depended too much on Watson… It was not the Sherlock I remembered… I was missing the silent, surprising detective, with his way of deducing a bigger picture or the way of things/events were happening from a mere straw or splotch of wine… 🙂 Also the characters were a bit inconsistent, depending on the story – Holmes was upset, rude and impatient – or polite, courteous, with all the patience of this world… And the same could be said about Watson…

I can’t say the stories themselves were a waste – on the contrary – if one could forget the names of the leading detectives in them, and read as if they weren’t about Sherlock and Watson –  they were quite a good read! 🙂

(***/possible spoilers/***
Although I have to say I got lost in one of them – but that most likely was just me… I’m talking about the “The Hex of a Gypsy Woman” – I was looking for the mystery here, but could not find it, the whole story was about how the Gypsy woman threw the curse on Holmes… and how Watson saved him… and at the end Watson said he solved the crime and saved Holmes… but what was the crime…? hmmm…. maybe I just missed something…)


2 thoughts on “Elementary my dear Watson… :)

  1. Sounds like an interesting group of stories. Loved your insights!

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