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Something to laugh and cry about ;)

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When one’s life is in pieces, how one just gets up and goes forward? One does not just do it. First comes grief, maybe self-pity, maybe guilt… maybe a thought of what is the point of living? Only when all that goes away, with time, with the help of others – family, friends, faith, specialists (and possibilities are here very vast), only then one gets up and goes forward consciously, not on a sort of an auto-pilot, doing things that are familiar and do not demand much thinking…

My most recent read 

touches just that difficult subject. Two people, each lost someone important in life, each grieves differently, and each has his/her own wall built to protect the heart from further hurt… But as it happens in life – love is strong and known of its wall-breaking abilities 🙂 This is one beautiful story just about that…

He- successful baseball player, sexy young man. Lots of beautiful women around him would love to be called his girlfriend, but for some reasons – he can’t find the one… nor does he realize he wants to find the one 😉
She- beautiful young woman, which one day just appears in his life… shakes everything pretty darn well… Yet the wall she built around her heart seems to be quite strong…

Both are grieving… different tragedies, different grieves…

The characters construction a bit shaky for my liking, inconsistent I’d say, but then – isn’t that how the life happens? They do not know if and what do they want, they seem to be really conflicted in themselves, there is a lot of running away and coming back, hurting and apologizing… Yet I couldn’t help but keep reading till the end.

And the END was the whole different story. As I do not do spoilers here – I’m not going to say anything more than this: It made me laugh out loud AND cry at the same time 🙂


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