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A two-pack ;)


Not really. But two books by one author – Barbara Venkataraman.

Frist one:

was a totally “speedy” read if I ever had one 🙂 Granted – it was a short story, 21 pages total, but what fun! Then on the other side – after reading a few books by that author, I came to expect a fun light read – no disappointment here 🙂 All it needs is some 200 pages more and it’d be perfect memoir 😉

Second book:

was a real treat!!! Brightly written collection of essays, not only fun to read but educational too!!! I wish this book was a must read for everyone, say, about grade 8-9! Grammar can be confusing at times (especially in English, where it seems there is more exceptions than rules 😉 ) – here Mrs. Grammar Person invites the Reader to have a cup of tea with her, and explains all the troubles. 🙂 FUN!!!! (and lets hope there will be a part two to this collection 😉 )


2 thoughts on “A two-pack ;)

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