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If you put in front of me a romance novel and a mystery – the choice will most likely be mystery. Romance literature is something I reluctantly allow myself to read, not too often, as all those shivers from the toes to the tip of the head, and heatwaves, and whatever else that goes through – well… I mean – I went through my share of Harlequin novels some time ago, and I think I’ve had enough. That, however, does not mean I do not enjoy a romance now and then 🙂 On the contrary, but I think dosing it is the key 😀

Of all the types of mystery I like cozies the most… I find them safe – most of the time. I mean – world is scary enough, I really do not need horrors/thrillers to scare me additionally… Cozies give a mystery, there is a body usually 😉 There are regular people and amateur detective. Oh, and usually (which is not my favourite thing about them) a police officer or detective who “knows best” and does not want our hero (heroine 😉 ) to solve his case! Well, of course our police officer is wrong and the amateur wins 😉  I also noticed that somehow they tend to end with the killer threatening our main character with some sort of a weapon, and ALMOST kills her/him, but at the last minute our protagonist either gets away or is saved by someone. And everything is good 🙂 My kind of suspense 😀 My favourite books…

Number two in the “liking” category comes memoirs/biographies/autobiographies… The best is if they are written with humour (memoirs), but not necessarily. I like reading about people’s lives and how they deal with their troubles, grieves etc.

Anything non-thriller-horror-erotica related – I’ll read, regular fiction I call it, and this is kind of a big bag where I throw all the books that aren’t in one of the above stated genres and are simply good reads. Or amazing reads. Books that touch important issues, life dilemmas, etc.


Because I can? Because it is fun? Not sure. I got sucked into the book-world at the age of 5, and can’t imagine world without books ever since… My wonderful Daddy, when discovered a flashlight hidden under my bed, went to the store, bought a table lamp, put it in my room and said: stop wrecking your eyes 🙂


Whenever I find a moment. And yup, I am one of those who’d rather read and live in a messy house, than clean… 😀book_pic


2 thoughts on “what/why/when I read…

  1. What were your favorite books when you were little? I loved The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Total Seuss classics. There was nothing like peeking into the cool card catalog at the library. Great memories.

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