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Boring Girls Blog Tour Details!


I’m so thrilled! This is the first ever blog tour I am a part of!!!

Sara Taylor headshot grayscale

Author: Sara Taylor

sings and writes songs for the Billboard-charting band The Birthday Massacre.
She lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her Shetland sheepdog.

Published: April 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Coming-of-Age

*** Book Tour Details: ***

Review and9781770410169 Giveaway, A Dream Within A Dream,, April 1, 2015
Review and Excerpt (Ch. 1), The Book Geek,, April 3, 2015
Review, Excerpt (Ch. 2) and Giveaway, Bookish,, April 5, 2015
Review, The Book Tales,, April 6, 2015
Review and Excerpt (Ch. 3), Book Bug,, April 7, 2015 – YAY! 🙂
Review, Giveaway, and Metal Playlist for the Book, SteffMetal,, April 8, 2015
Review, What Is Much,, April 9, 2015
Review and Giveaway, MetalHeadBlog,, April 10, 2015
Review and Giveaway, Nimrod Street,, April 11, 2015
Review, Svetlana’s Reads and Views,, April 12, 2015
Review, The Book Stylist,, April 13, 2015
Guest Post, Dear Teen Me,, April 14, 2015

For more information about the blog tour, visit


2 thoughts on “Boring Girls Blog Tour Details!

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  2. Awesome! Thanks your sharing!

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