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Giggle on!


I don’t know about you, but I love laughing while reading 🙂 Since whenever I can remember I loved unforgettable (for me and my many Polish friends) Joanna Chmielewska (regrettably not translated into English, probable reason being her very specific language and the use of idioms and typically local issues 🙂 ) – she wrote most funny mysteries I’ve ever read. Later on I got introduced into Janet Evanovich, also author that loves making people chuckle while reading 🙂

Not long time ago I discovered the “Gladdy Gold” series – by Rita Lakin:
Rita got her start in television, writing and producing shows such as Dr. Kildare, Peyton Place, Mod Squad & Dynasty. She created her own shows: The Rookies, Flamingo Road and Nightingales. She wrote many MOW’s (Movie’s of the Week) and mini-series, some of which are still being produced. She shifted her focus to novels and is the author of the gloriously funny Gladdy Gold mystery series. Her many awards include Writers Guild of America, Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Allen Poe and the coveted Avery Hopwood Award from the University of Michigan.

I came across this quote by Carolyn Hart, that reflects my opinion on the whole series: “Gladdy Gold is a treasure, Miss Marple in Yiddish.  Salty. Sassy. Sunny.”

Just today I finished reading #7 (which happens to be the last one so far 😉 ):

And what a feast it was!

Really fast paced, full of unexpected twists and turns, and absolutely amazing!

There is passion, hurt feelings, deception and – of course – a murder… Or is it?

There are newlyweds in their seventies, the Gladdy Gold and Associates detective agency seems to be falling apart, as the troupe does not know what to make out of the “new addition” – Gladdy’s new husband, Jack (ex-police officer btw.) For the rest of the agency members there seems to be the only way to solve the issue – to split and create a new one… Would that work in the long term…?

New person on the horizon, turns out to be nemesis of one of the retirees. Of course her appearance brings up some painful memories and wakes up strong emotions… So when the newcomer turns up dead, everything seems to point to one direction… Well, or maybe it would be too perfect to be true?

All those and more, put into this terrific book, create truly entertaining read that is sure to make you exercise those facial muscles! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Giggle on!

  1. Sounds like I’ll be checking those out!

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