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To Live for Him…


Christ is Risen!!! Alleluia!!!

IMG_0852Empty grave, stone rolled away, the linens wrapped and/or fold on the side… So where did He go? Or – the first thoughts of the Apostles was: where did they take Him now? Why did they do this? Why don’t they just let as grieve our loss, the loss of our leader, the one we thought…

Humans will think like humans first. Because everything has to have a physical explanation?

And even later, when Peter, Mary Magdalene, John and the rest of them SAW Him risen, the only one that was not there at that time will say: if I won’t touch, I won’t believe… Well… If every single tiniest thing would have some logical explanation, there would be no faith anymore, that would be just knowledge… Yet how many times miracles happen, when the medicine shakes her head and says: “I do not know why he/she got better, that wasn’t my doing!” Little miracles we just tend to sum up as a mere coincidence. “It just so happened, that I met Tom, my co-worker from way back when, and it turned out he was working for the company I was just applying.” “It just so happened that hiring manager was another colleague from the past.” “It just so happened that as I was working on contract, one person quit and I got hired permanently”. “It just so happened…” ? Really? Well I DO NOT think so. I CHOOSE to believe that nothing in my life JUST SO HAPPENS 🙂 I have so many proofs…

Christians were, are and probably will be prosecuted because of their faith. Jesus said as much when he was still walking on this Earth. And it happens. As I hear about yet another time… can’t help but think about what I’d do… I sure hope I’d choose Him… Deacon on the recent (Good Friday’s) Homily said something important though: “You hope that if put in such a situation, you’d be ready to DIE for Jesus… But are you ready to LIVE for Jesus???


4 thoughts on “To Live for Him…

  1. What a beautiful Easter meditation! Thank you for sharing! It is hard for us, who know that Jesus rose from the dead, to imagine what it must have been like at that time, when it was believed that all hope had fled and that Jesus was no more. It was hard for Thomas, who needed proof that Jesus was real. Jesus gave him that proof. I understand Thomas because I am just like him. I need to touch and to see. Faith comes hard to me. But it does come.
    I think like a human because I am one.
    But I can let God into my heart.
    And I have.
    Thank you for your post.
    Only one little piece of pickiness. I think that you meant that Christians are persecuted, rather than prosecuted because Christianity isn’t illegal…
    Happy Easter!!!

    • thank you for the correction!!! 🙂 wasn’t sure about the word, meant those poor people just killed in Kenya for being Christians… were there prosecuted or persecuted? ..
      thank you !

  2. Beautiful Easter message!

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