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“Reluctant Fundamentalist”… it’s complicated…


/possible unintentional spoilers/

Where to start…

I’d say it is a somewhat strange book. Trying to wrap my head around the ideas of the main character there, and I must say it is not an easy task…

I guess on a very general note – the book shows the way in which a young man discovers where he truthfully does belong, re-discovers what is the most valuable thing in his life. All that is fine by me, but I can’t agree with some of his decisions. Most of the time, throughout the book, he’s perceived as a very calm, collected and peaceful man. Reliable. Trustworthy.
When he meets the girl, he becomes infatuated with, he can be patient and very gentle. Understanding not demanding.
No wonder his reaction for the 9/11 attack on the WTC can be… strange at the very least. Smiling? Really?
I’m sorry, but this is the country he chose, he went through very much trouble to get there, study and get the good job. So where did that come from? I’d understand if it happened after he was treated with at most suspicion on the airplane and then at the airport…

And after that it becomes worse and even more erratic and hard to follow. Visit to Pakistan, building up some resistance and aversion to everything that’s American? The way he quit the job. Nope. Not buying that.

The part I enjoyed reading the most was the complicated situation with Erica. Girl who went through the worst – death of her beloved, grieving profoundly and – as it turns out – without end. She (and me too, while reading about it 🙂 ) was hoping that maybe if she met someone new… Someone as gentle and good as Changez seemed to be…?
Sad is her story, but the only that – ironically – makes sense to me…

Anyways. Book itself had a really unique form, a monologue spoken by the main character to a (random?) tourist… Who turns out to be someone else…? or not? Somewhat unsettling was the ending… Too much left unsaid, which is in contrary to the rest of the book, where everything was explicitly stated.
Language at times too complicated for the matter it carries…
All in all – it was not too hard to read, but I am not sure about the bigger picture there.

And – had it not been the book I had to at least try to read for my library book club – I’d never had thought of reading…

*My Rating: 3.5/5*


2 thoughts on ““Reluctant Fundamentalist”… it’s complicated…

  1. I agree. Not my type of “cozy.”

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