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and the winners are….


Oh, no no. Not so fast 🙂 so I was thinking – how to make it both fun and fair? And then I thought – hey, if the parrot can pick out little prophecies or whatchamacallit (you know, the guy that has a parrot on his shoulder and for a quarter she’ll pick out a sheet of paper with some words of wisdom or whatever? yeah, something like that 😉 )

Well, obviouIMG_8975sly I do not have a parrot. I could dress the kiddos up… but it wouldn’t be the same now, would it?
So I went to the only non-human members of our family. Binky and Flippy, or The Little Rascals, or The Brownies, or… well, they have lots of names. I’m talking about the bunnz here 😉
‘Hi guys, how are you?’ I’ve asked nicely 🙂 Their noses started moving pretty fast, trying to figure out what kind of new treat I’ve brought. ‘So… here is the thing. How about you help me with this draw, and then I’ll give you the treat?’ Flippy’s ears went straight up, Binky’s would have done the same, hadn’t he be a lop-eared bun 😉

‘Ok, here we go!’ I spread out the strips of paper with the names on them and reached to the bunnz.


They sniffed them out for a short while and then they each picked one!!!


‘Thanks guys! You’ve been really helpful!!!’ – I said, handing them out the treats 🙂


As they were munching happily away,


I picked the two chosen names up from the floor – and  there we go!



Bettylouise31 & Mary Aalgaard – could you please email Duffy Brown at your mailing info, so she can send you the lunch totes? thank you!!!


9 thoughts on “and the winners are….

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  3. Super funny. Chew marks and all. Thanks! I’ll email you. What fun.

  4. Emilia, I really, really enjoyed your scientific method!

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  6. This was surprise to me. Thank you very much. I just finished a very good not a mystery

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