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I – is for Interview – with Duffy Brown :D


I had a wonderful opportunity to ask my lovely guest, cozy mysteries author, Duffy Brown a few questions 🙂 And that’s how a little interview was born 🙂

Book Bug:  If time travel were possible, what century would be your choice? and why?

Duffy Brown: The 22nd. I’d like to see where we wind up! Medicine and human rights are making great advances and I’d love to see where it all goes. I think the best is yet to come. I think the future will be very exciting indeed!! We have the brains and ability to fix a lot problems facing us today and we will do it. So many people out there trying to make things right. There are the nut-jobs to be sure but most of us are for the good.

Book Bug:  What was the funniest school-time adventure/event?

Duffy Brown:  I think it was with my daughter when taking sex ed class. This steamy romance, Hard Bargain,  circulated the entire eighth grade class. I’m sure the kids learned more (for better or worse) from that romance than they did from any sex ed. And it was a good book…I read it too. What a hoot. All the good parts were dog-eared and underlined with Do you believe they did this! comments beside it. I should have framed it. Priceless!

Book Bug: You can’t leave home without…

Duffy Brown:  My purse. I’ve been known to dash off in near PJs for a candy run or mail taxes. Sometimes shoes and sometimes not, makeup is hit or miss but my purse…got to have the purse slung over my arm.

Book Bug:  What is the first thing that you do, when you start working on a new book?

Duffy Brown:  Verbal Vomit. Don’t you love it. What it means is I just write down all the neat scenes I want to include in the book. No order or wrong answers just blue-sky it for a day and get my head into the head of the characters. It helps to get the story going and it’s the fun creative part of what the heck is this story about.

Book Bug:  Your best vacation ever was…

Duffy Brown:  Toss up between two. I did a white-water rafting trip for a week through the Grand Canyon. Once you are in the canyon there are no phones or communication. Sleep and eat under the starts and the Milky Way and class 5 rapids. It was truly spiritual. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
The other trip was through Glacier National Park. When God was having a very good day He created Glacier NP. It is beyond description. Truly God’s country.
And I was with my two daughters for both trips…that was the best part of all.

Book Bug:  Imagine you are an inventor. Money is no issue and you are asked to invent something to make people laugh. What would it be?

Duffy Brown:  A machine that you crawl into and it takes all their cares away. It is so hard to laugh sometimes as the word gets us down. I just want people to be happy.

Book Bug:  While writing a mystery book do you always know “whodunit” from the beginning?

Duffy Brown:  Yes, I do. Writing a mystery is like shooting an arrow…all the clues have to lead to the right conclusion…eventually. It’s the only way to play fair with the readers. Not to say there can’t be a few broken arrows along the way just to make things interesting 🙂

Book Bug:  Do you ever argue with the characters in your books?

Duffy Brown:  No, their book. When they take over all the good stuff happens! When I take over it’s just blah, blah, blah.

Book Bug:  When was the first time you called yourself a writer?

Duffy Brown:  Yesterday…maybe??? I always feel like I can do better. Writers are Hemingway and Dickens and Patterson. I’m just a storyteller who wants to have fun and let people escape for a few hours and think…Heck, my life’s not so bad. No alligator’s trying to eat me or killer stalking me or I’m not the one stranded in the swamp at night.

Book Bug:  What would be your advice to someone that is thinking about writing a book, but does not quite have it in him to try?

Duffy Brown:  Sit your butt in the chair and start typing…it will come to you. It’s magic…I swear it is. And you will have the time of your life!

Book Bug: Thank you so much Duffy!!!! 🙂

Duffy Brown:  Thank You. This was a blast!!

Duffy Brown was on my blog with her lovely (and tasty!!!) guest post on Tuesday. It was so kind of her to offer her cool lunch totes to two of our readers 🙂 I’ve decided to do the draw in a little unconventional way… CLICK HERE to find out who and how picked out the winners…  Congratulations Bettylouise31 & Mary Aalgaard!!!


24 thoughts on “I – is for Interview – with Duffy Brown :D

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  3. This was a fun and really fun interview with some very unique questions; I truly enjoyed it. Duffy is one of my very favorite writers and I think that this interview more or less tells you why. You are such a wonderful person Duffy, and I am so glad that I found your books and love them so much.

    For anyone who has not yet read any of the Consignment Shop series, ….. you MUST!! And Geared to the Grave is another fabulous first in the Mackinac Island Cyclepath Mysteries. Duffy, you definitely are a “writer”. Oh yes, you are!!!! (smiling).


  4. Aw yay! I totally adore her and her books 😀 That is too funny about the sex ed class and book. heh

    Anna @ herding cats & burning soup

  5. I particularly LOVED this part,”Sit your butt in the chair and start typing…it will come to you. It’s magic…I swear it is. And you will have the time of your life!” JUST DO IT!!

  6. Anyone wanting Demise in Denim bookmarks etc, Email with your mailing address and I’ll send it along. Thanks so much for chatting.

  7. H, Emilia, the Canyon is fantastic. You fly into Las Vegas and the Canyon is maybe two hours away. You will not be disappointed.

    • yup, Vegas is on the same list 😀 😀 😀 and I know for sure I won’t be disappointed, nature very rarely disappoints me 😀

  8. I enjoyed your interview with Duffy Brown, especially her answer about doing the Grand Canyon adventure and visiting Glacier National Park. Although we’ve never done the river run, Grand Canyon one of my favorite places. Also love Glacier and the Road to the Sun!!!

  9. Great interview. I love cozy mysteries. Thanks for the tote!!! I love being a winner. And, selected by such intelligent creatures.

  10. What a great idea for “I” and for a way to pick awards (I clicked on over to that too). Aw! Duffy such is a charming and fascinating writer AND storyteller. 😉 Thanks for sharing and thanks for making me smile a lot. 🙂

  11. Thanks for having me at Bookbugs World. Love this site, one of my favs for sure. The best part of writing is meeting and chatting with the readers…this blog is perfect for that. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Duffy

    • You’re so sweet Duffy, thank you so much for coming by 🙂 And for such kind words!!! You’re always welcome to the BookBug’s World!!! 🙂

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