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J – is for Journey


I do not think I could survive if I were to stay in one city my whole life. Since whenever I can remember – we were travelling. One of the reasons being the fact that my parents when they got married, they settled in a town far away from their hometowns (or homevillages rather, if that`s a word 😉 ). It was over 200km for my Dad and over 300 for my Mom. And so we- my Sister and me – were spending every single summer vacation in the village my Mom was born and grew up in. Every single family in this village knew us, which was kinda creepy at times, as it nbadlands2011dot always worked both ways. We got used to it however, especially that this helped my Parents to finally feel relaxed about letting us stay outside all days 🙂 Those times I think I felt the freedom the strongest in my whole life…

Those days soon started to be more than just fun-filled vacation… Grandma (and Great-Grandma, Uncle & Aunt and Cousin) lived in the IMG_2200same house since “forever” (namely: since the end of WWII), and there was the Attic… We used to sneak out there whenever the weather prevented us from going outside… There were huge coffers, filled with books, notebooks, and all sorts of treasure (well, at least for us, because our parents would call it trash 🙂 ). One day I found my Mom’s notebook from her elementary school. Old Bible (from 1700s!). Something my Grandma called “table dustpan” (made out of copper I believe, little brush and dustpan-like thingy, according to my IMG_0341Grandma – for swiping the crumbs off the dining table 😀 ). Old clothes. My Mom’s report cards(!!). And many more. We found our Grandpa’s workstation (he was a shoemaker). And many more…  We loved the stories that all those findings would provoke in our parents.

Something clicked in me then. The feel of the attic, the thrill of our treasure hunting was more important than if and what we’ve found (though we always found something interesting, we were kids then after all).

SinIMG_1947ce those times I’ve traveled quite a bit.

And no – I do not mean exotic vacations, with well groomed beaches and umbrella drinks. I mean shorter and longer trips to the places I’ve never been before, sometimes as close as 10km, sometimes as far as 3000. And each time I try to find the heart. I walk small streets, look around and try to feel it. I really do not care much for what the guides say, I can either feel it – or not. And those I call my journeys. Each and every one of those that are able to touch me – I’ll remember for long time.

I often hear the phrase: “Life is a journey”.

As I think about it, I usually correct it for my own use: “Life is a bouquet of journeys…”

…and the more colourful, the more beautiful it is…


because you never know what treasure you’ll find just around the corner…


22 thoughts on “J – is for Journey

  1. Love your post which is filled with all sorts of wholesome goodness… and fond childhood memories! 🙂

    • I find the childhood being really a mine of thoughts, ideas and all sorts of fun stuff 😀 never fails when in need of an inspiration 😀

  2. An awesome breezy and feel good post:)

  3. I love to explore places close to home that I have never been too as much as I love traveling to faraway places. With air travel being such a nightmare anymore I am enjoying driving trips.
    I loved my grandmothers attic when I was a kid!

  4. Oh, I was smiling all the way through reading your post! >I can sooo relate – both to growing up and traveling to the villages of my parents, and to the joy of traveling with the hearth- it doesnt matter where as long as I enjoy it right there and then- and notice the little things that makes me happy. Lovely post:-)

    • That taught me to enjoy those little trips forever 😀 ALso my elementary school teacher – she would take us for trips showing how beautiful places are nearby 🙂

  5. You’ve got it all right. That treasure trove upstairs must have been so much fun to explore. And, you really know how to get the feel for a place. I’d love to do that, too.
    Play off the Page

    • I think the origin of that type of travelling came from the fact that we were always on the budget – money was tight so my parents were coming up with all those fun stuff that wouldn’t need much 🙂 Somehow it caught, and till now I come back from various trips with rocks and sand, sticks and other findings 😀

  6. Gosh, I would love to travel. There’s so many places I’d love to see. Someday! I’ve been to a lot of cities though in the past ten or so years, places I’d never been before that are amazing. Hooray for journeys!

  7. I love this post. We, too, try to “find the heart” when we travel (love the phrase). We like to stay in one place long enough to explore it, to feel it on all levels, to meet and eat with locals.

  8. Emilia, what lovely childhood memories you carry with you. A true treasure. 🙂 Thanks for sharing them and btw, I LOVE the heart bookmark. 🙂

  9. Isn’t wonderful when you discover something about your family history. I love this glimpse into your family.

    • thank you 😀 and yes, the family history is always interesting, I will have to start writing it all down for my kiddos to enjoy one day 😀

  10. Great post and you have a sweet little story there. I agree that life is a bouquet of journeys.

    came over here from the FB A2Z thread for letter J and glad I did 🙂

  11. I can see I am going to love your blog, I’ve popped over from the faery enchantress (that’s me lol) love your main blog pic by the way x

    • thank you!!! 🙂 the bookmark I made for my daughter for Valentine’s day, the pattern is on my blog too 😀

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