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K – is for Kacper, Kit and Kite…


It was truly beautiful kite. Kacper was working really hard on all the finishing details. Green like young grass, shaped like a dragon… With really long tail. The boy made sure the tail was extra long. Kit wanted to put pink bows on it. I mean – seriously??? Whoever had seen a proper kite with pink bows- Kacper was going over and over this in his mind. Kit was a girl, what does she know about kites?  Especially – dragon shaped ones? Nope. No way. Luckily the she wasn’t as stubborn as some other girls in Kacper’s class, and gave up that silly idea.

The boy made sure that the very long fishing line was wrapped on a piece of wood, for easy holding on, checked his shoes (got to be able to run really fast) and the weather… Will it be windy enough? Yup. Just perfect. He took the kite and went outside. Walking on the sidewalk towards Kit’s house he was imagining how majestic the dragon will look high up in the sky! And he’s going to make sure it will go VERY high!
He knocked on Kit’s door. She must have been waiting right on the other side of it because it flung open at the third knock exactly. “Ready?” Kacper asked. “Yup!”the girl answered “Mom, I’ll be back in an hour” she yelled towards the kitchen and went outside not waiting for her Mom to answer.

As they were walking towards the park, there was unusual silence between them. “Hope she is not mad at me about those bows” thought Kacper. “Hope he’s not angry about those bows anymore” thought Kit.

There.  Park at last. Kacper took the dragon kite out of his bag. Straightened all the tiniest creases, unravelled the tail. Perfect.
He stretched it out on the grass. Took the line in his hands… And took off running. Kacper did not like running at all, but this time he ran, and he ran really fast… The Dragon started sliding on the grass… faster… little hops… lifted up a little bit, as if it was shy or afraid of flying. “Come on Dragon, fly!” said the boy pretty loud, almost yelling.
The Dragon lifted of. At first still not too high, just above their heads, as if checking if he can do it… Higher… about the height of the trees… And then, all of the sudden, as Kacper’s legs were getting really tired from all that running – the Dragon took off to the sky!!!! Higher and higher it went, above the highest trees, above the bell tower, above the City Hall. As the kids were staring at the sky, the Green Dragon flew lower, just above their heads, dropped the line on the grass, smiled at the kids and with few strong flaps of the wings – took off straight up, for the clouds, for the sky…


12 thoughts on “K – is for Kacper, Kit and Kite…

  1. Dropping for the first time and I loved your Kacper, Kit and Kite very much!!

  2. Haven’t flown a kite in years, but have fond memories of being out there with my friends. Just watched a movie last night where, in one of the scenes, a little boy flew a kite for the first time. There is joy and excitement in seeing your kite take off & knowing you’re the one getting it up there, high in the sky.

    • I remember when I was watching a really big kite in the sky, being pulled by a tiny line, I was wondering – how can that be? how come they just don’t rip the line and fly away… 🙂

  3. I’ve never really had the opportunity to fly kites, but at the park behind my work there is a kite club that meets there. I love watching the huge kites they use and the tricks they can perform.

  4. Loved the story. Every kid should read. Am sharing with a few people who I know will love the tale (pun unintended)

  5. Awesome kite flying story. The wind was really blowing this weekend. I saw several kites up in the sky. Making good use of a windy day!

    • when I was a kid, there were kite competitions in my hometown, really fun shapes sometimes 😀 sadly, after few years they gave it up…

  6. That reminded me of how much fun I had as a kid making and flying kites.
    Good memories. Good story.

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