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J.A. Cipriano – “May Contain Spies” – blog tour details


A while ago I’ve posted my review of the book. Time for a little blurb and tour details 🙂

“I hit the ground and stumbled, my tennis shoes slipping on the wet concrete below. I wobbled, arms flailing out like a pair of windmills as I crashed onto the cold stone. I swallowed once, nausea rising in my throat as I felt something wet and slimy seep into my jeans. There was a thud beside me and something grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet.

“Well, that was fun.” Stephen’s voice echoed in the sewer like we were in an ancient cavern. “That wasn’t exactly how I envisioned today going.”

“Oh?” I murmured and before I could stop myself, blurted out. “How did you expect it to go?”

I felt his hand grow warm, and somehow, I knew he was blushing. He let me go rather suddenly and took a step forward into the murk.

“Not like this,” he mumbled. His voice had lost that strange confidence it’d had during the gunfight. I watched him fumble with something and a beam of light pierced the darkness. His flashlight was so bright in the gloom that I had to shield my eyes from it.

“We need to keep moving or they’ll catch us,” he added before taking a few steps away from me. Evidently, he felt safer with at least a foot between us. If my mom could see us now she’d laugh. Then she’d get a ruler to make sure we stayed at least twelve inches apart at all times.”

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6 thoughts on “J.A. Cipriano – “May Contain Spies” – blog tour details

  1. I enjoyed this. Especially the bit about Mom making sure the characters stayed at least a foot apart by getting her ruler out!

  2. This looks great! Thank you so much for agreeing to participate! 🙂

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