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M – is for Mystery, of course!!!


/Or my attempt at it anyways. First in my life, so please be Merciful – oh, yet another M-word 😉 /

“Thumper! C’mon big boy! Stop stomping those big feet of yours, what are you afraid of? Was it a squirrel again? I told you they love teasing you, because you’re on the leash and they are not! C’mon! We’ve got to go already, your girlfriend is waiting for you to tell her everything you’ve se-e… seen… huh? what on earth is this? where did you get it? oh my… ” I stopped my monologue right there, as I knelt down beside Thumper’s find, which appeared to be a gigantic broccoli piece soiled with something…red? What can be red on broccoli? I got up, holding the veggie in my hand (hope Thumper did not lick it… ugh!). When I turned around, trying to figure out where did it come from, I noticed various vegetables scattered all over Mrs. Winterly’s lawn.

“What in the world…” I started, but the rest of the sentence never had a chance, as I noticed a hand sticking out of the bushes just next to the veggies… Reluctantly, with the heart somewhere near my right shoulder, squeezing the leash in the left hand, at the same time making sure Thump does not stand a chance to get to the veggies (bad enough he nibbles on some flowers from her flowerbeds), I tip-toed closer… “Ok. I’ve seen enough now all I have to do is blink enough times to wake myself up”-was my first thought as the terrible picture appeared right before my eyes…  Mrs. Winterly lied on her front lawn, a healthy mix of vegetables around her, blood splattered all over the grass and produce (how there can be so much blood?!). I looked closer – there was a weird looking hole in her neck… A hole in her neck??!!! How…? Why..??
All of a sudden I jumped as someone tapped my shoulder.
“Is everything OK, Caroline?”- I was relieved to see the neighbour from across the street, Boris.
“How does it look to you?”I asked sarcastically – “does she look ok?”
“Is this…?What the…?Who…?” he was failing each attempt of asking a question
“My sentiments exactly” why am I talking like that? Since when I am a jerk?”yup, Mrs Winterly, nope, no idea what happened and who… should we call 911 or something?” I asked finally losing the spunk and started acting like my normal, scared and shaky self.
Boris looked at me strange and at the same time I realized that Thumper stopped stomping and was standing on his hind legs, his body stretched up, front paws resting on my thighs, as he was trying to figure out what is going on. His nose was working overtime, poor thing, he must have had a scare of his life!
Yup, Thumper was my pet rabbit, and yup, I walked him on a leash every sunny (but not too hot) day. Who said you can’t walk a rabbit just as you walk a dog? He was a big guy after all, Belgium giant, at 7.5 kg he was as big as a medium sized dog. And he loved the leash and the walks.
“Just call the ambulance and stop staring. Yes it is a rabbit on a leash, get over it!”- I yelled impatiently and  turned around to have another look at the neighbours lawn. Not sure why, maybe against all odds and reason I was hoping that the whole scene will disappear? But it was all there – veggies, Mrs. Winterly and all…

Minutes later there were 3 police cars on our street, plus a forensics minivan. They were taping of the place, taking strange measurements, talking to each other and all that stuff that I’ve seen on TV.
A tall and skinny police officer came closer to as, and asked: “Were you the one to call 911?”
“Yes” Boris and me answered in unison. “Did you see what happened?” was the second question. Boris looked at me, so I answered “sorry, but no. I was walking Thumper along the front lawn…” the Skinny looked at me and then at Thumper, who at that moment was as calm as can be, nibbling on some dandelions happily growing all over the lawn
“The rabbit?” his voice sounded kind of doubtful. I sighed “Yes, the rabbit.” Why on earth is it always such a strange thing, to walk a rabbit on a leash? Resigned I continued “I was alarmed when I saw Thumper pulling a big broccoli from behind those bushes. I’d not expect broccoli to grow on the lawn” I explained as calmly as I could.
“So have you seen anything suspicious? Anybody walking by? Running? Driving?” Officer Skinny continued.
“Nope. I do not recall anything” I answered.
“How about you sir?” He directed this one to Boris, who was standing somewhat uncertain what he should be doing. Helping me? Helping the police? Walk away?
“I just was passing by as I saw Caroline standing here, white as a paper, so I thought I’d ask what happened” answered Boris. This was the first time I noticed he did not sound too sure. Kind of scared in fact…? I pulled the mental Scarlet (her famous ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’), and concentrated on the Officer Skinny. Who was talking at the moment and trying to hand me some piece of paper: “Here is my number, in case you can think of something. I’ll take your statement later on, but right now I think you could use a cup of coffee, I see there is Tims at the corner?”
As he was speaking I realized I really did need a cup of dark roast, also I needed to take Thumper back home… I needed to sit down and stop my legs from shaking… I needed to calm down… but most of all – I needed to figure out what in the world happened about 20 meters from my front door!



15 thoughts on “M – is for Mystery, of course!!!

  1. Keep going and don’t stop till The End.

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  7. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  8. Good story… why to leave it…

  9. Good set up to the mystery. I wonder Who dunnit!?
    Play off the Page

  10. Interesting story. I have no trouble with the rabbit part. My cousin had a giant rabbit in her house whom she taught to use the toilet. My legs would be shaking, too.

    • thank you 🙂 usually people look strange when they see a rabbit on a leash 😀 I find that it is very fun sight 😀

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