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O – is for Opportunity (or: Deadly Veggies – part two ;) )


/part one HERE/

I was trying to take Thumper’s harness off, but it proved to be close to impossible with my hands shaking like I’ve been drinking heavily all day long. Bella, Thumper’s girlfriend, mini-rex beauty, was waiting impatiently, as if she was able to sense something that happened outside. Or maybe she could. With the rabbits you never know. After I made sure they are safely locked in their room (yes they do have their own room, so what? ), I ran out of the house, my eyes turning into two coffee cups. Did not manage to go far, as I bumped full speed into Officer Skinny (what the heck did he say his name was anyways, should have checked the card). Crap. Statement.
“Can I get your…” he started, his voice sounding somewhat unsure.
“Statement. Right. Can I … ” I started impatiently, jumping in mid-sentence.
“Coffee, right” gosh, if we’d be talking like that I’d think he should propose soon or what? Where did that crazy thinking came from, I have a family for carrot’s sake!
He turned around and nodded at the other police officer, and in two minutes I had a cup in my hand. I could get used to that.
“So… Miss..”
“Mrs. Grzegorzewsky.” I corrected him. He kind of choked a bit and looked at me strange.
“Grze…rze…wsky… uh… can you spell it for the records?”
I sighed “Here, give me that pen” I printed my name in the notepad he was holding. Old school?
“You can call me Caroline, nobody uses my last name ” I suggested.
“No kidding” Skinny muttered.
“Excuse me?” I asked, annoyed, not as much at him as at my Great great Grandpa that did not change his name when he decided to leave his home country. Then again – why should he? It’s not like it meant something bad. Just kinda “unspellable” for an average Joe…
“Officer Mark Round” he saluted. Round? Are you kidding me?  Skin and bones. “So Mrs. Caroline, tell me, have you seen anything unusual over here recently? Anybody moved in? Out? Cars parked on the road? ”
“Nope. But then – I am not looking out the window 24/7.”
“Kids” I answered. “and husband and rabbits” might as well let him know, it’s not like he will go and interview them… Or will he?
“Ah, that’s right, it was your … rabbit who discovered the body”
Again what’s with that strange look. People will have alligators or snakes or iguanas as pets and that’s fine but the moment you mention rabbits they look at you strange.
“Look. As I said before – I was walking Tumper…” I started trying to cut this waste of time short.
“The rabbit?”
“Yes, the rabbit. He tried to go after all the veggies, and that’s when I noticed Mrs Winterly lying down on her lawn…She’s really dead? Like there is no chance…” I stumbled here and let a big breath out, as if I was holding it all that time
“I’m afraid so… Anyways – if you think of something let us know, ok?”
“Sure” I answered.
After he finally left I slumped down on my kitchen chair, coffee in my hand, trying to collect my thoughts. Coffee was definitely helping. How do they do that on CSI? MOM? Motive, Opportunity and Means? What kind of means? I remembered the weird shaped hole in her neck… what means could have done that?And Motive? For crying out loud, she was just one of those nice, sweet, older ladies, living by themselves, visited by their grown up kids, who did all the work around… What on earth she could have get herself into? and opportunity…
Sudden knock on the door interrupted the doubtful flow of my chaotic thoughts. It was Boris. I opened the door. He did not look good at all. Hair was a mess, eyes very close to be crossed outwards if that is possible at all, hands alternatively shaking and in fists, with knuckles so white I was wondering how the skin is still holding.
“What’s going on Boris?” I asked as calmly as I could.
“Shit, Caroline, I think I’m screwed…” he started. I interrupted “first of all I do not appreciate my name in one sentence with shit, and second – what do you mean? How? Why?” And then it hit me. How come Boris was so quickly beside me? I remembered I kinda jumped when he asked if I’m ok, when I… well, technically – Thumper – discovered Mrs. Winterly’s body… Almost as if.. omigosh. He was…
“I was there. At her house. I mean – shit – and literally, I was in the washroom.”
“Come again?” What the hoppity hop he was doing there? I mean – as dumb as the question might seem?
“Yeah. For few months now Mrs. W was paying me to do her groceries. She gives me the list and money, and once a week I do the shopping for her. Wednesdays. So I went, got everything, came back and she was waiting for me on the sidewalk. I thought that was unusual, but it is not like she can`t walk anymore. So I unloaded her stuff, asked if I can use her washroom. She wanted to check if I got everything alright, so I left the boxes with her and went inside. I was there like 3 minutes I swear, and when I came out… Caroline, what now?”
“What do you mean: what now? Did you tell the police what you just told me?” I asked.
“Are you crazy? They’ll think I did it! I mean – heck, Caroline, I was there! While she was killed!!! ”
Got it. There is the Opportunity. And I’m sure the police can come up with the double Ms…
Now, sitting in my kitchen, with the guy who looks like he can have some sort of a panic attack, I was in no position to doubt him. I mean – for what I knew – sure he could have been the killer. But for the sake of my sanity I’ll stick with the thought of him being an innocent guy. After all – he WAS in my kitchen.
“Listen Boris. Calm down. I’m sure it is all just in your head. That Officer Skinny seems like a thinking guy, he’ll find out who did it… Or maybe it was some sort of a freak accident after all? ” I added with a sudden surge of hope. Boris looked at me strange, like I was not quite solid in my mind. He was about to say something, then he thought better of it, clenched his fists again, mumbled some goodbye and went out.
Well. That was getting to be too much for me. I noticed Thumper’s leash was still on the floor, where I dropped it, and so was his harness. I picked them up, intending to hang it on the hook beside the door, when I noticed some weird white powder on the fleece side of the harness… What the…? Then it hit me – Thumper must have rubbed against something there and that something got transferred on his harness!  I felt sick. This can’t be real. We are in Bunville, for goodness sake, stuff like that does not happen here!!! Or.. does it? I mean, Mrs W. is dead after all, which still might or might not be homicide, and I just had a visit from a very nervous neighbour…Who just admitted to me, that he had a perfect Opportunity… Could he be also involved in …  could that – whatever this white substance might be (I’m NOT going to use the d-word!) – could that actually be the motive????

find out what happened next – part #3


12 thoughts on “O – is for Opportunity (or: Deadly Veggies – part two ;) )

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  5. how cute! Caroline is a bit grumpy, isn’t she? 😉
    Thank you for visiting and commenting over on my blog! ❤

    Elizabeth Mueller
    AtoZ 2015
    My Little Pony

    • well I kind of can understand why she is that way 😀 it is not everyday she discovers a dead person next to her front lawn 😀

  6. Oooh what a mystery! I’m entertained that a bunny found the body 🙂
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Cohost
    @ayjaylauer on Twitter

  7. Hmm, did I miss the punch line? Who done it? Or is that coming tomorrow with the letter “P” ?! Like in “Perp” !

    • I had a different word for P, though I guess perp would do beautifully too 😀
      story is not finished for sure 🙂

  8. Had to read part one in order to make sense of part 2 – but that’s what you were going for, correct? LOL

    Interesting story – Why not a rabbit?

    • yup, it was supposed to be a longer story.
      And yeah, one of the points of it is to make more people realize rabbits are wonderful friends 😀
      and thank you for making the effort of reading the part one!!!! 😀

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