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“Geared for the Grave” by Duffy Brown – my review :)


Or perhaps not much of a review, as I am in a totally thrilled state after I finished it! What a great entertainment! What fun! Six stars out of five 🙂 Makes me want to plan a trip to Mackinac Island right this minute!
Absolutely loved the characters, the reluctantly friendly Islanders and Evie, the protagonist 🙂 The interactions between people described in the book were so life-like, I had no problems picturing them in my head 🙂 and the mafia retirees? Oh my!!! 🙂
At times I was knocked out by the speed of this book, by its colorfulness, descriptions of people and places – just brilliant, spot on and to the point 🙂 I did not think it`d be possible to put such a variety of characters into one book, and still make it so much fun, but Duffy Brown proved me wrong so much!
As to the “whodunit” part – I usually like to try to deduce as the plot goes, and here I actually had the right suspicions at one point but then I wasn’t so sure anymore, and it went 😀

Perfect, from the very captivating and colorful cover, to the last page!!! 🙂

I`ll be waiting very impatiently for the next book in the series!!! Will the budding relationship between Evie and Nate turn into something great? What was Nate actually running from? What will Abigail do? I mean she is still Evie’s boss after all…


16 thoughts on ““Geared for the Grave” by Duffy Brown – my review :)

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  4. I’m only being honest 🙂 and I guess when I love a book – that shows 😉

  5. Emilia, you write such amazing reviews for everyone. I love reading them. You are always so upbeat the happy when you talk about the plot and characters.

  6. What an enthusiastic review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this novel.

  7. Just finished Geared for the Grave and….it was fantastic!! I laughed out loud so much that my husband wanted to know what was so funny! I have added Book #2 to my pre order list and can’t wait to see what happens next!

  8. Thanks so much for the fantastic review of Geared. You sure made my day.

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