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Deadly Veggies – part four ;)


/previous parts: #1, #2, #3/

Good thing – we did not have to call 911. By that time I was over getting emotional, passed the fainting thing, I was getting just seriously pissed off. I mean – seriously? This is not New York! or some other city! This is not even a city! It is Bunville, people do not get killed here, they die of natural causes! Or in some accidents, but still! Two people dead in one day. Really? And of all places – one almost in my yard, and second on my doorstep?! Granted, Boris probably got shot or beat up or whatever he got there – somewhere else but of all places he just comes to die right there.  I looked around. Officer Skinny was on the cellphone getting some help probably… Vic was sitting at the table looking somewhat pale, I thought that was good he was sitting, in case he needed to faint or something. Greg was the opposite of pale, his face turning bright reddish colour, as he was eagerly helping the police with whatever he could. Well, his idea of helping anyways, but since the police did not kick him out of there I wasn’t the one to interfere. Mel… Where was Mel anyways?
“Vic, can you go up and check on your sister?”
“Mama, she’s not a baby anymore, and besides – she hates it when I check on her. She says I’m spying or whatever.” His protest sounded reasonable, so I went up. It was her turn to clean Bunnz room anyways.
Mel was actually snoozing on her bed, books, notebooks and loose sheets of paper scattered all around.
“Sweetie, wake up, what’s with your homework?”I started
“Maaa…”she yawned “what was that noise downstairs? I thought I heard something?”
Yeah, she probably heard me screaming and the guys’ cursing…
“Well, there’s been some more stuff happening around.” How do you tell your 13 years old daughter that there’s been a … a what actually? Is Boris still alive maybe?
Mel jumped up to her feet “Another body? Where? Far away? Can I go and see? I haven’t seen Mrs. W’s!”
I shivered a bit. “First of all – we do not know, maybe Boris is still alive, and second of all – ”
“Boris?! As in – our neighbour across the street- Boris? But why? Is it a serial killer? Does the police know who’s next?” forget the machine guns, my own daughter’s spitting out the words with some serious speed here. At the same time the words started to get through to me and…
“In the name of all that is great in this world… “I took a big breath in and continued “Can you please stop? I do not know the answers and the police probably does not know them either, we’ll have to wait…”
She interrupted my struggle with words.”OR…” she takes a break to make a bigger effect ” WE will investigate! And find the killer! and they will write about us in the news, just like they wrote about that guy that saved a baby from the fire!”
Phew. Really? With my own breast I raised this child, just to suddenly start thinking – where does all that come from???
“Mel, there is not a chance I’m letting you get involved in the…”
“Oh c’mon Mama, I’m not saying investigate as in go and ask questions. I’m saying we write everything we know down, write what we do not know, find the answers and – pooof!- the killer will just slide off our notebooks!”
Yeah? That easy? Why everything is so easy for 13-year-olds?”
“First of all – you’re going to clean Bunnz room, second of all – we’re having supper, which I still am not sure what to do with, and third…” I stopped here just because I had no idea what would be “third of all”. Thankfully the attention span of an average 13 year old is close to the 3 year old, so Mel was already half way to the Bunnz. I went downstairs.
The forensics made a little mess in the doorway and the doorstep, Boris was nowhere to be seen…
“Did he… did Boris…” I started, turning towards the guys in the uniforms (what happened to Officer Skinny?).
“I’m afraid he did not survive, ma’am. Bled out on the way here, we’re tracing the steps, there is a pretty long blood trail, hopefully it will take us to the place where he got stabbed.” One of the officers explained, in a very calm and collected way “The ambulance took him to the hospital, but he died on the way there.”
Through the open door I looked outside – there was a trail of police markers along the driveway and on the road. It must have been the drops of blood? One of the officers was walking towards our house.
“The blood  trail ends at the house number 533.” He said to the other officer “Where the heck is Round?” he added. Yeah, I’d like to know that too, especially that last time I saw him he was teaching my husband some detective trick or whatnots, and I am not sure I was all happy with that. But I wasn’t going to say anything in case the stuff they are talking about wasn’t for the ears of a civilian.
“He should be back any time now, wanted to make sure that the body will go directly on the Moon’s table. Round does not believe anyone but can do the autopsy the right way.”  As the officer was saying these words I saw Greg & Officer Round coming out of the police cruiser parked at the end of our driveway. Leave it to my hubby to make friends with police…or actually any random person. At that moment I wasn’t going to be deciding if it is a good or a bad thing. I just wanted to sit down and have that dinner with my family. Normal. I wanted normal.
As I was fighting back an inner urge to take a mallet and hit everybody over the heads so they’d hurry up and go away, I decided to check on the dinner stuff. Of course spaghetti was almost overcooked, and meatballs stuck to the bottom a bit. All edible though. I turned off the elements, checked the kitchen table for its availability for dinner plates. I figured there would be enough space for the plates.
“Sorry officers, but how much longer it’s going to take?” I threw a question towards the still open door.
“We are finishing up ma’am” was the answer. And thanks be to the Boss above. There was a chance for dinner with our front doors closed.


Few minutes later the officers were off – I guess to process whatever they learned and found, Greg was back home, his eyes lit up and face still bright red in excitement. The kids were coming up from the Bunnz room, I’m guessing Vic went there to make sure Mel did a good job cleaning? Or just to drive her nuts, I’m not quite sure.
“Dinner!” I yelled into the general space as I set up the table and loaded up the portions of food on the plates.
As we sat down by the table, Greg started:”You’ll never believe. But Boris was hit over the head with something they are not sure exactly what, but it left a weird dent… And the primary scene was right in front of the house number 533…”
“I knew it! I told you it was those new guys!” Mel jumped up, knocking the cup with her juice over and thus spilling it all over the table
“Hey, watch it, those are new pants!” Vic jumped up to protect his wardrobe.
“Forget the pants!! We’re working on mystery here!” Mel wasn’t about to give in.
“I’m not sacrificing my pants for it!” her brother wasn’t having it.
“Stop it you two! And Mel – we’re not the police, we have to let them do their job!” I was losing my patience for the hundredth time this day. Not one of my finest at all.
“We’re not doing anything to slow them down now are we?” Mel added innocently.
Well, she was right. More than that actually – as much as I hated to admit it, we already are involved. Might as well try to organize what we know. Police will be back (though for today I felt like my own house was some sort of the headquarters , with the officers constantly present), who knows, it might actually help?
As I was thinking that all, Mel already had her notebook and pencil beside her plate and started scribbling and talking at the same time : “OK, so lets start: Mrs. Winterly, front lawn, broccoli…”
“well, not only broccoli, there were all sorts of veggies around” I added with a little shudder as I remembered the morning…”she had a weird shape wound in her neck” I added thinking yet again what would have left a wound this shape? I kept thinking garden tools for some reason…
“What else do you remember Honey?” that was Greg asking
“I’m not sure…” there was something nudging my memory, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on it… “all those veggies scattered, Thumper nibbling on them…” I shivered again. Definitely not something I’d like to remember. “Then according to Boris…” I stopped for a moment. Yes I was suspecting Boris for a while, after that outburst of his right after I discovered the body. He admitted to me that he was at Mrs. W’s house when she was killed. And yes, I was thinking he killed her and went to the washroom to clean himself after, maybe even change his clothes as I had not seen any blood on him when we spoke… Now he’s dead and that line of thought went dead with him. I went on: “well, actually he did not offer any information except that he was there. I don’t think he even had a chance to speak to the police…”
“He went to the 533 people…” Greg said looking at me strange. “Officer Round was saying they talked to the neighbours, and the Newmans, friendly couple living at #532 were just coming back from their vacation, unpacking their car. They were walking in and out of the house and they saw Boris across the street. All hell broke loose as he ring the bell at the gate – dogs started barking. The Newmans arrived just after police came when we called them. They say that Boris was yelling something like: “you better talk to cops!” “I’m not falling for it!” and stuff like that, but they weren’t sure what the other people were saying to Boris. And then the Newmans’ kid woke up from the nap so they went home and did not see anything else.” Greg finished as he shoved a whole meatball into his mouth.
“He must have went to them just after he talked to me” I said. “He was pretty revved up as he was leaving our house” I added.
“I don’t know why the police did not arrest those people yet!” Mel jumped on her chair again as she adds: “I mean, isn’t it obvious? Mrs W. gets killed, Boris probably saw something as he was coming out of her house,, went to confront the killers and gets to sniff the flowers from the roots end! ”
Come again? From the roots end? Where did she…
“I do not think they did it” silent till now Victor spoke suddenly “I mean – if they knocked Mrs. W, they would be pretty stupid to kill someone involved in it all, right at their doorstep! They’d end up suspects #1, they would be afraid someone would see them. It was the middle of the day!”
As much as I hated to admit it – I thought Vic was right. But if that’s the case, then who killed two people in one day? In the quiet and friendly neighbourhood as ours???

/part #5/


7 thoughts on “Deadly Veggies – part four ;)

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  4. Ahh . . . who would kill 2 people in one day . . . on the edge of my seat waiting for the answer! Great story!

  5. Mmmm. Interesting excerpt. They say murder mysteries are among the most popular books and television programs.

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