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R – is for Running…


Ok so if it was last year’s April, I’m 100% sure the R would have been just anything other than what it is. I’d tell everyone that would even suggest something in that matter to think again, or that they made mistake, because me and running – well. It just did not exist in one sentence.

Oh, people wereΒ telling me how good running was, how great, how helpful in weight management (something I struggle with), etc. I’d say – yeah, sure but running is not for me, I can’t run. Sure – 3 steps here and there but that’s about it.

And then finally I got fed up with all that talking and thought – I’ll prove everyone once and for all that I can’t run. It is not for me, I’ll never be able to run. Now, walking is totally different cup of tea, walking is and always was my best friend πŸ™‚ I did few pilgrimages, where we walked 7 days, an average of 28km each day (sometimes as little as 16km , sometimes as much as 40). But running…?

I remember when I was at school and our gym teacher would say: ok, today’s endurance test. Just like that, out of the blue. No prep, nothing. I was running the minimum just to have it done, checked off. And that’d leave me with camps, ready to throw up.

So fast forward to September 2014 – summertime left me with a few kg medalto many for my liking. I thought – I’ll prove everybody that I am no good at running, but any attempt will help with loosing those kgs.
I found the Couch-to-5km program, printed it out. Started with running 30 seconds and walking 60. And it turned out that it is fun. That I feel so great after. That my mood is so much better most of the time!
I still was not convinced that I can run though. Until there came that day, that I run my first 3km straight, without walking. And then more. And then in December I did my first official run. Santa Shuffle πŸ™‚ And first medal. πŸ˜€ When I crossed that line, after running those 5 km, I cried. Because it turned out I can. I CAN RUN!

Today’s run:




13 thoughts on “R – is for Running…

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  4. Awesome I will have to look up that program

  5. You make me want to put on my running shoes.

  6. Being a bit heavier than I’d like to be, I’ve always worried about what I’d be doing to my knees if I ran. Heavy impact with the ground. How do you find it?

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