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Kids named her Dot, for the whitish spot on her forehead. They also decided it was a girl. With noses flat against the windows they gave those “awwws” and “oooohs” whenever she visited.

I actually was thankful she was such a frequent guest, though -or maybe because – she ate a lot. Being a vegetarian, vegan in fact, she was quite a picky one.  Thankfully, our backyard offered quite a variety of her favourites. As if she feared GMO – only ate what grew wild. Just once, out of desperation she touched the apple trees…

Did not say much, haven’t heard her even once in fact. Did not clean after herself either.  Never found out where she lived. Not easily scared but always kept about two steps distance.

Sometimes I was wondering if she liked the sun at all. Enjoyed its warmth on her skin. If she had ever let the sun finger-like rays touch her face…

Yesterday I saw a bunny corpse on the road…

…Still will wait for Dot to come when the dandelions and clovers start growing….


16 thoughts on “Dot.

  1. We had a fat squirrel that would visit us in our first apartment. He liked to hang out on our balcony.

    • Squirrels we have an abundance… which is unfortunate, as they damage more crops than any other animals …

  2. At first I was thinking “aliens”, but then rabbits are a bit alien. I do hope it wasn’t Dot on the road.

    Welcome to Friday Flash!

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  4. Hope that wasn’t Dot!

  5. I wonder if there’s an ellipsis in her burrow? 😀
    Welcome to FridayFlash!

  6. You have made quite worried about Dot – I hope to hear that she has shown up again….

  7. Oh I hope that’s not Dot lying there in the road!

    Welcome to Friday Flash ^_^

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