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T – is for my Today’s running Thoughts


2ca81-tNot the thoughts were running (although that too), but I was. And as always – thinking. And as always – getting the best writing ideas. Which, if jotted down just after, do not sound as good as they did in my head. Figures.

Start – as soon as my running buddy, Garry (aka Garmin watch πŸ˜‰ ) gave me an OK. Today’s distance – just 5km, so IΒ didn’t have to think about being slow (the slower I run, the longer distance I can survive πŸ™‚ ). So my favourite, whatever it is, I’ll calculate later.

Windy, nasty cold. For April that is. Below freezing, windchill -8C. Running. So what letter is today? oh. T. T as in trails. To bad I can’t use them, they are beautiful, but not safe. Not for a single runner. And a woman at that.
Step,step,step. Oh, this guy looks familiar. I think he lives just down the road.
“G’morning!” – “morning”. We exchange smiles. He is about 70+ years old I think. Good for him.
Step,step,step. Windy today. Yeah, trails would have felt so good, they are in a valley, lots of trees, wouldn’t have been so windy there. Funny. T is also for thinking.


Oh goody, one kilometer done. Not too shabby speed. This running thing will be so much better once the trees will be green. Trees. Another T-word. I miss all the birch trees back home. Here but a few, not sure why usually growing like 3-5 from one spot. Then leaning. Then the ice storm comes and they are gone. Most of trees are gone after that ice storm of 2013. Broken or cut. They said they will replace them. Hopefully.


What? another kilometer. Still good pace. Now the Train Tracks. Two Ts. I’ve always loved the way they looked… like a neverending ladder. Horizontal. I remember when I was a kid, our vacation village had train tracks. We loved to skip those wooden ties, on one leg, on both, and who can jump two? Watching for the trains. Not that they come very often, but still…
Now along this creek. How come it is so dirty? Why people cannot take their own garbage home with them. “Mama did you know there used to be beavers in this creek? our teacher told us so!” Used to…


really? 3 done, 2 to go.
Why is it so cold. It was already so nice before. And my daffodils just started blooming. And that purple thingy, whatever its name is, mini-flox? maybe. Don’t remember, but it is cute. Yesterday I was able to take a picture of a big drop of water in one of the flowers. It was beautiful. But if it keeps being so cold…
OK, this loop is done, now just back the same way. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep that pace? I mean what is it left…


There we go. Just one left. Oh, that means I’ll be able to take a shortcut on the paths between the houses, and that up-hill thingy. Good. Though if I run through that park, the wind will knock me off. Oh, I’ll see.
Thank goodness it is the last km. It is way too windy and cold, I do not like that cold. But Thank you is another T-word. How important. Someone once told me that for every complaint I make I should find one thing to be thankful for. Did I complain a lot today? Mostly about the weather. Does it count as one or few? But I am thankful for all the brave flowers that bloom and do not die of that cold. That should do it…
IMG_9094aThere is this hill – up I go. Wow. I can feel it in my muscles, Thank goodness it is just a short one, few steps…


Oh. Well, there is my 5 for today, but surely I won’t walk that little bit? What is it, like 200m or so, I can do it.

There. Done now.

Thank you. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “T – is for my Today’s running Thoughts

  1. Wow. So many Thoughts while running. I almost imagined every sequence. That’s a great line you used. For everything you find to complain, find one thing to be thankful for. Great post. πŸ™‚

  2. i walked on the treadmill today and read. not very picturesque ;(

  3. What wonderful writing! It was a pleasure to read this.

  4. I love the stream of consciousness…and finding another runner:)

  5. My thoughts are always running too! I felt like I was running with you, except I’m hot now:(

  6. Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Challenge and A-Z. At one time I measured how much I was walking and was really surprised. It’s such a great habit to get into.

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