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V – is for Victor (Deadly Veggies part 6)

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Few uneventful days felt like a blessing. In fact – everything went back to normal so much, that the whole double-murder thing seemed so unreal…
For a while I was worried about Thumper – if he won’t have some sort of an after shock condition, I mean, it is not an usual thing for a Bunny to find a dead person… But he seemed to be doing great 🙂

As I was preparing dinner that day, I heard the phone. Picked it up – it turned out to be Greg.
“Caroline, is Victor home?”
“What do you mean, he was supposed to meat you at your bus station and you were going home together?” I said, trying not to yell
“I thought so to, but he’s not here. Maybe he forgot?”Greg added highly unconvincingly.
“You know better than  to say that, he’d never pass the opportunity to have you all for himself for that time. Where is he then?” I had an uneasy feeling in my gut. Or maybe it was mother’s intuition screaming? Whatever the case, I did not like it one bit. It was totally not like Victor to just not show up. Something must have happened…
“I’ll call Robbie, and you call school” I decided and disconnected. Robbie was Victor’s best buddy, I was hoping he’d know something!
I calmed myself down enough to grab the phone again and dial the numbers.
“Hallo?” somewhere in the corner of my head appeared the thought – when did they all become so grown up… I still am not used to them having those deep manly voices. They were just kids…
“Hi Robbie, this is Victor’s mom calling”
“Oh, hi Mrs.G”-yup, nobody ever calls us other than by the initial of our last name. I guess Grzegorzewsky is a tad too much?
“Listen, Robbie, have you any idea where Victor could be? He did not meet up with his dad as he was supposed to and we’re starting to get worried”
“Not sure Mrs. G, but I saw him and Paul taking off in some sorta pickup, just as the school was over. I was kinda surprised  he did not say anything and just left”
“Any clue where could they go?”
“Nope. But I know they did the wrong turn on the next intersection, I mean, they did not turn where they were s’posed to, just the opposite.”
“Listen, if you think of anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE they could have went – call me! OK?”
“Sure thing”.
End of conversation. Paul. Pickup. Wait a minute. Paul? Wasn’t that the kid that lived with those new people and whose uncle was a drug-whatever-doer?
I decided to call Officer Skinny. I mean Round. After all he left his business card and said we should call if anything comes up. Well something just did.

“What do you mean you knew about it!?” I couldn’t believe my ears. It turned out the police kept an eye on that family for a while. Kind of like a loose tail, not to spook them out, but they were following them… More than that – the family across from them, the Newmans, they agreed for the police to install a camera on their property, directed in such way that it showed exactly who is coming in or out of that house. The thought that they used my child as a bait came through my head and I did not keep it in: “You used my son as a bait?!!!” I yelled to the phone.
“Of course not, he is not an adult yet, we wouldn’t do that. But it looks like your son was trying to find stuff out. We noticed him walking around with that Paul a lot recently…”
“Well they were in the same class…” I started. Officer Round looked at me strange and said:
“That is one thing. But they were going to places that regular people would have avoided. Drug district. Can’t tell you more about it.”
Phew. Drugs. The thing that I was always scared about, worried that it will somehow had a thrill to it and be attractive to an average teenager… I was hoping it would somehow skip over my kids and that they’d know nothing about it… And here we go – not only it turns out that Victor knew who was dealing, he was trying to get to the middle of it?
Somehow I was still thinking that he was not using or dealing, that he just wanted …
“Ma’am. He just wanted to play a detective I guess. He’d always tell us what he found out. Then each time we’d tell him to stay away from it. And each time he said that he would, as soon as he figures it out. So now we got a text message few hours ago, where he wrote down where the big deal is supposed to be… ”
Sweet carrots!!!! My child?!
I was just plain speechless. And terrified. And…
“We’re watching him Mrs G.” who told him about the initial thingy? Oh well, he was intelligent plus we were in a country where they just want to simplify everything… So  I guess Grzegorzewsky might not be the easiest word to say… “It’s going to be ok.”
“I sure hope so.”
I disconnected and immediately called Greg. Yup, he knew already. He got the call from the police at the same time I was talking with Officer Round. OK. SO now what?
“So what do we do, Greg?” I asked.
“I guess we wait…”
Wait??? And how exactly did one do that? For Pete’s sake – it was my child we were talking about!!!
I felt like I had to do something. Anything. Well. I fed the bunnies for starters, picked up the keys and went out. Just as I was locking up the house I’ve heard sirens! I looked in the direction the noise was coming from – wow. It did not look like one police car, there was a whole bunch!
I was not sure if I should stay out or go inside, so I just froze where I stood. The police parked in front of the house #533… It was like a Déjà vu, like the scene from few days ago… Only that Thumper did not discover any body.. yet….

All of a sudden there was a whole bunch of police officers in the bulletproof vests aiming at the 533 house… This cannot be good… If only I could see what was going on… but I lived on the wrong side of the road…. Plus somehow my bravery wasn’t there… And I was thinking I have to be home, in case Victor would contact us somehow…

I clicked the coffeemaker, and sat down, trying to think that stuff through… At the back of my head there was some nagging thought that was not clear… Something about Boris.He went to the 533 people, and what was that he said? That they better talked to the cops? or something like that… He saw them at Mrs.W’s few minutes before or around the time she was killed…  He confronted them, fearing that police will find out that he was there, and they will suspect him… And he was sure they did it… Meanwhile – if they were dealing, and a guy comes to them, making some accusations and demands… maybe they just freaked out? They thought he knew about the whole drug thing…
Well would it be so easy really? I always thought the crime solving has to be complicated thing… Or maybe I’m wrong?

As I was thinking this all, there was a knock at the door. “Victor!!! Thank goodness you’re ok!!!!”
I sat down in the kitchen, as my knees got somewhat soft and I could not trust them to hold me vertical anymore.
“Of curse I am ok. why wouldn’t I?” He was a good actor I had to give him that.
“We know all about your detective work in the drug field, but do me a favour? Do not do it again!!!”
He waved his hand as if it was nothing, and said:
“The police finally solved the Boris’s murder. Turned out he saw them at Mrs W’s…” And he said the same what I figured just minutes ago. Almost word for word… Wow. Am I good or what? 😀 (probably “or what”… )

So Boris died when he tried to convince them to come to police, and give up their drug business… Figures. They admitted to it all when police offered them a deal – to lower the jail time for their drug dealing thing… Which they finally had been able to prove – thanks to my almost all grown up sonny-boy, Victor…

OK, so of course that my motherly pride was speaking through me. AND maybe I was very quick to forget how scared I was. But we were just regular people, living on a regular street, having regular lives…
I guess that proves that the extraordinary things sometimes are happening to ordinary people…


This was the last part of my “Deadly Veggies” mystery attempt 😉 If anyone read all the parts – wow! Thank you so much!!!
If someone read just a few parts – Thank you so much too!!! 🙂
To those who just read this part – you might want to check the previous ones? 😀

In any case – thanks for stopping by!!! It was lots of fun!!!


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