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The Wings…


Soft, gentle breeze touches my cheeks as I stop to take a short break. Taking the shoes off lets my bare feet feel the softness of the spring grass, blades rushing to be first to see the sun and feel its warmth. Probably too cold to lie down on it yet…  Still I do it, stretching every inch of my body, clinging to the cold surface. Inhaling deeply, I stretch my arms to the sides and close my eyes…  Earth’s heart is beating strong enough for me to hear it…

There is a strange tingling in the palms of my hands. I open my eyes to see the tiny birds trying to find comfortable spot, one on each of my hands. I do not dare to move a muscle, letting their bright yellow bellies are tickle my skin. They fly away chirping joyfully… I look closer and notice two tiny feathers that they left behind. Gray and light as dust. They stick to my hands…

I blink again…

My arms aren’t arms anymore… I have wings… Grey, strong wings. Flapping my arms, slowly I lift of the ground… It scares me so much, that I freeze, and fall down. I try again.
I can fly!!!!
Cautiously I rise above the picnic tables, shrubs and smaller trees… I fly above the tallest trees and houses… For a moment I remember Icarus and his fail, was it too high? too low? I don’t care anymore, soaring as high as I can….

And I blink…

Just for a second I think that when I open my eyes, I will find myself back on the ground, shivering and cold… This is but a passing thought though, because as I do it – slowly, unsure what to expect – I’m still up in the air. My wings seem whiter than before, then maybe it is just the bright sun playing tricks on me?
Higher and higher I go, the air becoming colder but I do not feel cold. Strange warmth is born within my heart and it spreads in all directions, reaching the very tips of my fingers… I realize that there is not a single problem that matters anymore… All unsolved life riddles, all mistakes, questions, unsurities do not exist, vanish. There is just joy, in the purest possible version of it.

My eyes… Are they open or closed? Overpowered by the sweetness of love and hope, my heart is not mine anymore, I’m one with the wind caressing my body, one with the rays of sun, wrapping around me, soft and warm…

Far, far away a little boy lifts up his arm and points at the sky crying: “Look mama! An Angel!!”

12 thoughts on “The Wings…

  1. Ohh wings. Lovely piece!

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  3. wow, that was really cool. Unexpected and very vivid, love it!

  4. Emilia, when I stopped by a couple days ago I loved your writing. I am so drawn to it!! Another great post today… I love how much emotion and heart I can feel in your writing without even knowing you.
    – Kassy

  5. Geat post! Was nice to read it :). Following your wordpress blog…if you find my blog nice I would apreciate a follow back. thank you anyway!
    Also saw your networkedblogs widget and I will hit a follow there also.

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