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just sayin’


very quickly, as for some reason I STILL did not have my first (!) cup of coffee today (and that should be considered a crime!!!) – now that I think I can say it out loud  – spring is here!  – I had a chance to do my yearly springy celebration 😀

IMG_9139oh yeah! and it felt so good.

Honestly I think it should be obligatory for everyone.

Take your shoes off – sure they are fun/nice/expensive/cheap/funky/groovy (I better stop now, or this post will be anything BUT quick 😉 ), but trust me. Take them off, and socks or whatever you’ve got there. Go outside. Find some nice patch of grass. Small, large, medium, who cares.IMG_9135


there… at last 😀

It seemed like I was waiting so long for that moment… 🙂 But my feet recognized the feel, toes started wiggling almost by themselves 😀

Loved it!!!!


2 thoughts on “just sayin’

  1. Such a wonderful feeling. Being in hot dry California, my feet have hit the grass and sand months ago! Enjoy!!

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