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I never thought people can get used to unhappiness to the point that smile on their faces will look weird. Wondering if any impulse can change this hypothesis, I did an experiment… and smiled at the customer service cashier, when I was returning a bag of strange looking baby carrots (after finding a few slimy, a few rotten we kind of lost the willingness to eat any of them… although it could be fun! A carrot-russian roulette of sorts, you never know what you touch when you reach for one more carrot – good one or yucky…).

She DID smile back. Smirked rather, but I’ll take it. The facial muscles seemed to be working very hard, stretching, pulling, extending, contracting, creating a very cute, round cheeks. I thought she should be smiling more. It did not wipe away the tiredness that was visible in her eyes, but made her look less like a person being forced to be nice, while deep inside she could not care less about my much less than perfect carrot experience.

I thought, smile is an amazing thing.

And it’s free. We should definitely use it more 🙂

5 thoughts on “Smile…

  1. I think we have all lost the art of being friendly. I make a point of smiling and saying hello to people I come across in the grocery store or wherever. Most times they are friendly back, and if not then I just move along! At least i’ve tried. joan

  2. Yes. Yes, we should! 🙂

    • I feel especially bad for those people that seem like they do not know how… I mean – it might be the life that wasn’t happening the way they wanted, but it sometimes looks like their faces are not “constructed” that way, that there is no smiling option…

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