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Passion(s) -day 2

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I call myself a woman of many passions… 😉

Somehow I am constructed the way,IMG_1116
that whatever I start doing, writing, photograpyhy, running, crochetting, knitting, cooking, baking – etc, etc – it becomes my passion…

IMG_1114(I think I did not try painting yet 😉 but it might be better that way… 😉 )IMG_1083

I simply give it all I’ve got…

For longer or shorter while, and it does not mean that even if I drop one of those for a while, I will never come back to it…

IMG_1090Take writing for example…

I had more than 10 years break… Well, from creative writing. And it did come back…

In fact, I think only reading is the constant through my whole life…

Yeah. Everything else comes and goes… and sometimes comes back… But there is always so many books to read… 😉


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