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/A short and light dialog inspired by  Keith Channing’s Kreative Kue 23 photo 🙂 /

“So what setting did you do on yours?”
“Portrait. But I’ll have to step back a few, I got a macro-lens on.”
“Watch your step, there is lots of pigeon poop everywhere. Wait, macro? Why would you take the macro? We’re doing sight-seeing for goodness sake!”
“Well, on the manual it said it does good portrait pics, so I wanted to try it out. And don’t yell at me, I’m not a pro!”
“Sorry. I just can’t understand why you always…”
“Oh, stop it. Stop generalizing. Always, never – I do not even know why those words exist, nobody should ever be using them anyways”
“You mean like “never say never”?

For a moment they were clicking pictures, then they lowered the cameras and looked at the statue. She was the first to break the silence:
“So what do you think is the story with this one?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know, like, what was the main idea? A thought? Inspiration? Because this… angel? She looks to me like she is stepping through some high water and does not want those thingies to get wet…”


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