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Heaven’s Vault by Pavarti K. Tyler – my thoughts…


HV Promo

A while ago I was doing the promo post for this novella, since then I had a chance to read it as well.

I am not sure what exactly was it that I expected, after reading the promotional materials, but it caught me by surprise. What a delicately beautiful story. Touching just the most inner corners of ones heart, leaving the reader almost in awe, somehow on the inhale, forgetting to exhale 🙂 Not many things I read does this to me, to get me so much inside of the beauty of the words,  descriptions (which I almost always omit in books! not the case here 😀 ) so brilliant in its simplicity and beauty.

Yes, what if the gods or stars, or nymphs, or any other beings came on Earth, one or more of them. What if they wanted to taste earthly food, touch the sand, rocks, trees… Looking for answers but also being afraid of what they might be…

Would they find anyone that actually could believe their story? Story of their lives…

Truly worth reading. For those days, when you just need to read something beautiful…


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Vault by Pavarti K. Tyler – my thoughts…

  1. That does sound intriguing. I’m heading off to find out more …

    • I was actually very pleasantly surprised – I usually do not read this type of books, but it turned out to be a really lovely novella 🙂

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