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The Song


– One minute! All I ever ask him is to wait one minute!!! I’m up to my head with dust – remodeling, trying make our place look decent and cozy at the same time, with all the junk he keeps bringing home! I mean – what am I supposed to do with all that??? I’m not a magician! I can only find so much use for the garbage he brings instead of stuff I could actually use! Oh, he asks what to bring me, what do I need and so on. And how I am supposed to know what I’ll need before I finish with what I’ve got? After I’m done, I can have a look and then I’ll know what else could work. But no – can’t wait, off he goes, brings whatever HE thinks I’ll need. And then complains! Or worse yet – COMPARES!!!

‘Sweetie, do you remember Lucy? I was just passing by their place, and – oh my – does it ever look great! The things they have around there – just amazing! True mansion they built there, and I did not even think they had enough space for all that!’

I’ve had it! I slammed the door and went away, not to say something I’d regret later! Do I remember Lucy? The same who shamelessly and to no effect tried to steal my husband not once, but multiple times? Songs she sung!  Trying so hard to impress! Over my dead body! Hugh is mine, MINE! As lousy as he might seem, he also has a good heart and is great with kids! Yes, of course I remember her! And I was so happy when she finally settled down with that Petro of hers! I was hoping I’d not hear her name in my house ever again! But nooo – she had to make them move next to us! Oh yeah, the excuses she’d give us, that the ice storm destroyed their house, that trees were falling – sure, they were falling everywhere, is she trying to say there was no other place but just next door??? Urgh! But she will see! Our little love nest might not be the biggest or the most beautiful in the neighbourhood, but it sure is the coziest! And ours! And 100% up-cycled!!!

– She said all that in one breath. Vented and flew away, leaving me speechless and amazed at the beauty of her song.

Good luck sweet, little Mrs. Cardinal!!! 🙂


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