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Top Ten Authors I Want To Meet! :)


Yup! Another list πŸ˜€ Yay! πŸ˜€ I’m playing along with The Broke and the Bookish.

And may I say this list will not be easy to create!

First of all – so far, I was fortunate to meet (not so much personally, Β exchanged a word or two while she was signing her books, but listened and watched (live) to her being interviewed. I’m talking about Lisa Genova πŸ™‚

Few of my favourite authors passed away – I’d love to have a chance to meet Lucy Maud Montgomery, Agata Christie and my favourite Polish cozy mystery author Joanna Chmielewska.

Among the living though πŸ™‚ :

1. The Cozy Chicks AuthorsΒ – they are the lovely authors of the cozy mysteries: Duffy Brown, Ellery Adams, Kate Collins, Mary Jane Maffini, Mary Kennedy, Leann Sweeeney, Lorraine Bartlett and Maggie Sefton. I absolutely adore their cozies, and would love to meet them for a coffee and chat! πŸ™‚

2. Janet Evanovich – to see if she is as hilarious and funny in life, as she is in her books?

3. Jen Lancaster – to thank her. She has no way of knowing that her memoirs have a funny way of seeping through to my life… her struggles with staying fit helped me to get started yet again πŸ™‚

4. Kerry Greenwood! Author of the most amazing series set between the World Wars in Australia – absolutely amazing author and series!

5. Cheryl Strayed – I’d have a few questions about the Pacific Crest Trail…

6. Joanne Fluke, Jessica Beck and JoAnna Carl – three of my favourite “sweet tooth” mysteries (cozies with recipes) πŸ™‚

7. Paolo Coelho – would love to have some inspiring, spiritual talk with this author… Though knowing me I’d probably be too shy to say a word…

8. With Cleo Coyle I’d love to have a chat about coffee! So much I learned while reading her cozies! πŸ™‚

9. Jeffrey Allen – I’d like to meet him if just to ask him how does it feel to be in a minority – most cozy mystery authors are women as far as I can tell πŸ˜‰

10. Polish writer Monika Szwaja – maybe just to have a nice coffee- chat in Polish πŸ˜€

Yes I do realize most of these are various cozy mystery writers. Well. That`s what I absolutely love to read πŸ˜€ So here πŸ˜€

Sure, I`d feel very happy if I could meet some other authors, whose books I`ve read. The author of “The Rosie Project”, “Mrs Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, Jodi Picoult, and few others… I love their books, those I’ve read at least, but I somehow feel like I’d not have much to say there… I probably wouldn’t dare… But then – who knows? They might just turn out to be very funny people, who’d love a conversation with just another reader… πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors I Want To Meet! :)

  1. I love Janet Evanovich’s Plum series. πŸ™‚ Good choice.

    • she is sooo funny πŸ˜€ I have some books of the series at home, did not go through them all yet πŸ˜‰

  2. I haven’t read Janet but my mom has read them all. I need to consider them. I would ask Cheryl a question or two myself. Did you see the movie? I did but I think I preferred the book as I usually do. Happy reading, Cheryl

    • haven’t seen the movie yet, scared as usual πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a movie based on the book I’ve read… save for the Anne of Green Gables maybe πŸ™‚

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