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“After The Rain” – Vanessa Miller — Excerpt & My Review.


After_the_RainMy Review:

Though it is book #7 in the Rain Series, it can work perfectly fine as a standalone.

<<“If I do live to see another day, what am I supposed to do with it?”
Ikee walked back into the room and before Iona could answer the question he suggested,
“Why don’t you pray?”>>

In short words – this is a story about a teenager rebelling against his parents. Trying to find his own way in life. On the surface – he wants to find a way to earn some “easy bucks”. If we dig a touch dipper though – we can find that confusion that each growing human being goes through, when he or she realizes that they are a separate beings – and their life is their own, not their parents… So what to do with it?

History resembling the one of “Prodigal Son” from the Bible. Just put into a bit newer reality 😉
A teenager wanders away from everything he knows and has… To the great unknown… Stubbornly thinking he can do better for himself, than what he’s getting at home…
Only when beat, hurt and lonely – comes back, thinking he’s not worthy the love of the Father… In his homecoming – he puts the life of someone else above his own. That’s how his Father knows that the son is truly ready to come back…

“Let’s all pray and let God
take care of the rest.”

In this story both the Father and the Mother – pick him up, hug him and there is a great joy in the family, for this one who was lost – is found. Both physically and spiritually!

It’s been a while since I’ve read such a powerful story… A reminder that God’s ways are not always our ways, or what we’d imagine to be our ways. That God has a wonderful plan for every single one of us. More than that – He will make sure we have all tools and supplies to do what He planned for us to do…
A bonus? Only by doing His will we’ll be actually happy in life..

And the reminder about the power or prayer. That when you pray, your Guardian Angels are fighting the demons!



Isaac made sure to be in the delivery room this time. He had two other children but had witnessed not one birth. When Donavan was born, he had been laid up in a hospital having surgery to remove a bullet a hustler by the name of Ray-Ray put there. And Isaac hadn’t even known that Iona was his daughter until she was nine years old.

But things were different now. Isaac was no longer in the drug life. He’d left all of that behind. He was now a preacher and a family man.

“Aaarrgh!” Nina yelled as she squeezed his arm. The doctor stood at the end of the bed like an umpire at a baseball game. “Push baby… come on, just one more push,” Isaac encouraged.

Nina was killing his arm, but he could take the pain. Because any minute now he was about to witness his child come into the world.

Nina gave one more good push and the doctor said, “I’ve got the head, keep pushing.”

“Did you hear that, Nina, our baby is almost here.” Isaac wiped the sweat from his wife’s forehead and kissed her. He loved this woman with every ounce of his heart and was thankful to God every day for allowing this woman to see enough good in him that she decided to give him another chance. Every day of his life, he was striving to prove to her that she’d chosen right this time.

“I’m tired. I don’t know if I can do this, Isaac. Can’t they just cut me open and take the baby.”

A terrified look came over Isaac’s face. He and Nina had been through so much. Isaac had just fully recovered from being shot while trying to save Iona from horrible people who wanted to kill her, simply because of who her father was. Years before that, Nina had been shot while trying to protect Donavan from certain death after he’d gotten himself mixed up with the wrong kind of people. Nina had been told that she couldn’t have any more children after that incident.

They were now well advanced in years and thought of this pregnancy as a miracle. But was this miracle about to kill his wife?

The doctor laughed at the expression on Isaac’s face. “Women often either ask to be knocked out or to have the baby cut out of them when we get to this point in the delivery. So calm down, I got this. One more push… your baby will greet us and then your wife will forget all about the pain she is enduring.

She might even ask to have another child when this is over.” Now Isaac was laughing. “We know we don’t look it, doc.

But you might as well call her Sarah,” Isaac pointed at his wife.

“And me, Abraham.”

Nina started laughing at that. And then without knowing she had done it, she pushed again and suddenly laughter was not the only sound in the room.

“It’s a boy!” the doctor yelled as the baby started crying. They cleaned him off, wrapped him in a blanket and then put him in Isaac’s arms. Isaac hadn’t shed many tears in his lifetime. He’d learned from an early age to hold in his tears, because tears were a sign of weakness and there was a whole world full of people just waiting to exploit a man’s weak spot.


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2 thoughts on ““After The Rain” – Vanessa Miller — Excerpt & My Review.

  1. It sounds like an up-lifting read with a very positive message. Cheryl

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