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So Close…


Wind was pushing her around, making her come dangerously close to the edge. She seemed to have forgotten that she was scared of heights. Anything higher than the third step of the ladder would cause her legs to shake and knees to go buttery. But not today. Her eyes were opened but she could not see. Her face hurt from the sharp, spiky raindrops. Does rain have no mercy? People do not. At least she did not meet one with as much as a grain of empathy. Perhaps she did not deserve it? Perhaps what everyone else says is true… That its all her fault, that if she was different…

Her legs wobbled again… Yet she did not think of sitting down, there was that need to be moving forward embedded in her head, as if she were branded with an iron… Do not stop… keep moving…

Something wet and furry touched her leg. She jumped up and screamed! For the first time in a while she looked and actually realized what she was seeing. It was a wet ball of something… Kneeling down beside it she looked closer and decided to pick it up. And then it blinked and opened its mouth sticking out a pink tongue!
‘A puppy? Here? But.. How?’ She could not understand how, in this middle of nowhere, high up in the mountains, could she find a puppy that looks maybe 8 weeks old.

And then she looked around… and screamed in terror… if she made one more  step forward, she would be no more… Her body would be scattered around, along the rocky slope of the mountain…

So she looked at that little being once more and snuggled him to her cheek. The rain stopped, the wind calmed down. A bright ray of sunshine shot through the trees surrounding them, landing straight on the puppy’s head. The girl smiled. Perhaps the world would not be so bad now. She still was different… but not alone…


4 thoughts on “So Close…

  1. Puppy, or guardian angle? 🙂

    By the way, pass should be past in line 3.

  2. Wow, like this. It illustrates nicely that “salvation” can come in many forms.

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