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“Battered Body” by Ellery Adams —–> my review

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I’ll be honest. I just love this series. It is among the most realistically written cozy series I’ve ever read 🙂 Reason? Well, people actually gain weight when they eat a lot. Ever notice in so many books, cozies including, how the heroine or hero eats heaps of burgers, fries, you name it, and still are slim and sexy? Yeah… High metabolism, right… Oh sure, they will complain about gaining a pound of two… Mostly imaginary 😛

Anyways. All the kidding aside.

Here we have again the lovely Flab Five, slightly off track in the dieting matters – with a great reason. A true page turner – there is a wedding in making, someone is prepping for the TV show, celebrity is coming… and dropping dead. Well. There is no way the Five Detectives won’t investigate. Though there is much more distractions on the way… The Library Elf goes missing, the Twins are in love and James… well. There is a true emotional roller-coaster ready for him.

Absolutely loved this 5th part of the Supper Club Mystery series. It made me laugh, cry and whisper all sorts of advises, forgetting that it is a book, and the characters usually do not answer 😉


One thought on ““Battered Body” by Ellery Adams —–> my review

  1. I have read some of her books and e noy them. I have not read any of this but it sounds like a winner.

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