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What was the plan anyways?


Woke up knowing I’ll run today – cool morning, 5C, sunny, no pesky wind. Perfect.
As I was strapping my watch on my wrist, I thought of a route I would like to try. ‘I can always cut it shorter if I don’t feel like it’ I thought. ‘Or walk’. After all I had my long run, my first ever official 10k on Mother’s day 🙂

So off I went, waving to my kiddos on the schoolbus as I was popping out of the park path onto the sidewalk by one of the main streets. I followed the route I thought of before, not worrying about the time at all as I knew I have few streetlights on the way and am bound to wait for the lights to change…

The route turned out to be just over 8km. I thought then – I wonder if I can add those 2 more kms? So I tried. And I did. And when I checked the watch I could not believe what I saw! I beat my own PR by whole 48 seconds, plus considering the stop lights – I probably could subtract another 30 seconds easily! WOW! Did not expect that!!!IMG_9358


2 thoughts on “What was the plan anyways?

  1. Congrats! A great way to start off your day 🙂

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