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Just A Break… —->Kreative Kue #25


My response to Keith Kreaive Kue #25 :

Speechless at first, they were sitting and just taking it all in for a while. Inhaling the view… Ingesting it, in a way…
Water, though pretty warm after all those hours they walked to this perfect spot, tasted great.
‘Kind of teaches you to appreciate what you have, doesn’t it?” That was more statement than a question and Walter did not really expect the answer.
‘Yeah, appreciate whatever little things you got” Nelly whispered. She was thinking about all those things she left down there, behind her, as she started this hike.
It was just one of the many stops they will have before they reach the destination… Where will they end? They did not know that, as every day they planned just the next day`s destination and nothing more. When money runs out they`d work at a farm or wherever possible, to plan another day, another trip, another hike…
When will they stop?
They do not know that yet.
But they believe that the destination will announce itself to them as they get there.
And they will know then.
For sure.


4 thoughts on “Just A Break… —->Kreative Kue #25

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  3. wouldn’t it be nice to explore the world like that … nice little snippet, Emilia.

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