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Her Heart…


One day when I was walking along the sidewalk, I was passing by the tree stumps – city planning on replacing very damaged trees with new… and while this is a great idea, the neighbourhood looks so sad now… – and then this is what I saw


a mere twig at first
with a few leaves

then came her arms
always open to all
joyful greenery
shared with all

house to the smallest
a chickadee shelter
their happy chirping
essence of life…

giving shade to many
just passing by
none of them looked up to say
thank you…

and when her time came
she gave the last whisper
drowned by the chainsaws
loud growl…

…her heart was still there
beating to the end…

NaBloPoMo calls for Drama – day 20th – I think the picture and poem fits in that subject… as to the question

Do you still print out photos in albums or are most your photos digital?

The answer is yes to both 🙂 Most of my photos are digital, but I still print some out 🙂 not as many as a few years ago, but I still do. As for me – nothing beats the thrill of opening a photo-album and looking at the photographs… no matter if they are old or new 🙂

This is also my BeWoW (=Be Wonderful On Wednesday) post 🙂 I enjoy this challenge and hope to keep it up 😀


4 thoughts on “Her Heart…

  1. That is my favorite you’ve done so far!

  2. I loved your poem. It reminds me of The Giving Tree somehow. It also makes me sad when I see trees cut down. Always has.

    • As much as I know why they cut them down – the ice storm few years ago and the bug kills them anyways, still very sad view… and now we barely have any trees along our streets 😦

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