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A Supper Club Mystery series #4 &6 :)


Yeah, I know. I’m NOT good in reading series in order. Well, partially my fault, but I like to blame my library as much as I can 😛 There is a silly system in use there, where they do not catalog all books by Author & Title – instead they just give it a number and put it all under the “very telling” label: “paperback mystery”. And poor reader (me!!! of course 😉 ) has to go on a mystery hunt. Never knowing what will find… That is why I am still missing #2 of that series, did not hunt it down yet.

Anyways. To the point.

Few words about my latest reads – two books from Ellery Adams’ (aka J.B. Stanley) Supper Club Mystery series:

In “Stiffs and Swine” (book #4) our lovely Flab Five club faces unexpected fame! They get invited to be guest judges on one of the biggest BBQ contests in the county!  They also were choosing the winning sow, oh, and did I mention looking for the killer of the most obnoxious contestant of the show? Yeah. That too. 🙂

Loved this fast paced,filled with humour, multi-leveled cosy mystery, where the friendship stays strong, and the will power… well. Not so much 😉 But they will get back to the diet, for sure 😀

“Black Beans & Vice” ((book #6) takes the Flab Five to the Wellness Village, where they are going to try yet another approach to their weight-loss challenge – they are going to get hypnotized! 🙂 Thus trying to eschew sugar cravings…

Our sweet Professor Henry continues being a loving father and is trying to reevaluate his relationship (?) with the mother of his son… Danger is hanging out way too close to his family, someone tries to make sure he does not get too close to his ex, while two deaths that appear to be unrelated, leave the group in search for answers!

The last one of the series (I’m assuming the last one, as everything comes to a closure at the end… though some little side-threads still hanging… there is hope? 🙂 )- jam-packed with fun, action, friendship, love, second chances… oh, animals, animal rights, vegetarianism… loved it!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Supper Club Mystery series #4 &6 :)

  1. These books are on my TBR pile.

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