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Inside —–> NaBloPoMo Day 22


Tell us about some of the photos you keep on your phone.


Variety. I mean – really. From shots of T-shirts with funny prints, taken at the stores either to decide later whether or not to buy it, through pics of my kids, nature, funny stuff, chocolate fountain (chocolate store’s display), to Santa Claus Parade 🙂 IMAG0722

Most recent one was the picture of the sky, cut with the airplane marks so different that I just grabbed the first thing that’d take pics and I snapped one. The airplane must have turned around there? 🙂 I mean, it is not like someone just forgot something… Hope everyone there was safe…

So, yeah, those are pics INSIDE of my phone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Inside —–> NaBloPoMo Day 22

  1. Clever take on the theme 😊

    • thanks 😀 it was last night as I was going to bed (no energy then to write anything) that it just connected in my head. Was worried a bit if I’ll remember that in the morning – but this time I did 😀 (lots of good ideas I lose that way though 🙂 )

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