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kick in the…


…you know what.

Just as I decide (!) to give that writing a try, I’m all like “yay! I can do it! I will do it!” – well, for about a week.

Or maybe two.

And then what?


Well. Nothing except for head full of doubts, second thoughts, double guessing myself and such.

Getting seriously pissed at myself.

Gather it together woman. There is NOTHING to lose.

And EVERYTHING  to gain.

So start doing something.


This one was to noone in particular. Well, except for me. Sort of like shaming myself. Hoping for a really good, strong and potent kick in my own, lazy but.

Sort of like those times when I complain that I am too tired to bake/cook/clean/do-anything, and after I’m done, I get up and actually do it.

Sort of. Well.


2 thoughts on “kick in the…

  1. I only worked a half day today, and was going to spend the afternoon writing. But I sat down and there was nothing I wanted to say. So I opened up the novel I’m working on, and went to Google Images and picked out images for the first few scenes in the novel, pasted them into the text and after doing that for about an hour, I looked at all those pics and suddenly I wanted to write and write! This photos really fired my imagination and it’s something that I’m going to do now for the whole novel. It feels as though it’s sparked something off that I hadn’t expected. Maybe some random pics will help for you too?

    • random anything can help, I know that 🙂 yesterday I just cut out words I liked from few newspapers, and a while ago I’ve picked them out (eyes closed) – am amazed at the poem they created 🙂
      Sometimes I feel better just after a nice kick-in-the-but-rant 🙂
      Also planning on getting myself a really nice notebook. I remember from my highschool times how such a silly thing gave me that push in the right direction… 🙂 Thanks for your words Kim! It means a whole lot to me to know that someone actually not only reads what I write but cares enough to comment and help!!! 🙂

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