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“Are you done yet? It took you long enough already!” he skipped closer to me and curiously tilted his head.
“Almost. Just that little circle right in the middle, see? I just have to go around…” ugh. I have not expected it to be such hard work!
“Oh, yeah, around. That’s all you’ve been doing for, like, 45 minutes now? I’m watching you!” will he ever stop yapping at me?
“Come on, give me a break, it is my first time after all” do I sound a bit defensive? Yup, I’m afraid so.
“Not that I care, but why haven’t you try before?” Good question. Ummm… why indeed?
“Not sure actually, I did it few times at our old place, but here there is much more to do… and well…” I’m stalling, I know. But I just… I mean…
“Lazy. Yup. I thought so.” Ghrrr… I hate it when he’s right!
“Oh, whatever” was all the response I was going  to give him.
I went about my work, last few steps and… There. I turned off the lawn mower. The smell of freshly cut grass overpowers the stink of the fumes. And visibly less dandelions. And other weeds. All nice and green.

“There you go Mister Robin. The backyard is all yours. Peck away!” I was looking for him while saying it, and before I finished I noticed that he was already at it. Impatient bird!
“Yeah, about time” he kind of huffed a bit trying to pull a worm out of the ground.
“You’re welcome” I answered “And don’t talk with your beak full!” I teased as I was walking back home.

When I came back out with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, Mr Robin was still hard at work. I smiled at him and to myself, as I was getting myself comfy on the porch swing for my daily coffee&book combo…


4 thoughts on “Talk

  1. Impatient bird, indeed! Cute story.

  2. It made me smile. Enjoy your coffee with Mr. Robin. 🙂

    • I just love those guys 🙂 And this particular time he made me laugh out loud – literally stood there with this cocked head and waited expectedly till I finish. 😀 Had to write about it 😀

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