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Weekly Scramble :D

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I decided to start something on my own here. Some inspirational fun.

Namely – Weekly Scramble.

What is it about? Every week, preferably on Tuesdays I’ll be posting a new “random poetry”. I started cutting out words I liked or thought were interesting, and putting them into a jar. Once a week I’ll be taking 5-10 of them to compose a random poem 🙂 I remembered the times when I learned about different types of the poetry (in high school I believe), and one of them was “poetry out of the hat”. The poets would do exactly that – put words into the hat and then draw them and randomly put together as a poem 😀

Thought it’d be fun 😀

You’re welcome to join me – just post a link to your random poem in the comments 😀


One thought on “Weekly Scramble :D

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