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Cee’s Which Way Challenge – week22


Had some fun digging in my photo folders 🙂  Hope you enjoy those finds 😀

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – week 22 🙂

IMG_1649IMG_7684 IMG_7741



5 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Challenge – week22

  1. I really like your first two photos. I just looked at them for ever. Wonderful.

  2. Love the low angle that you’ve taken the railway tracks shot from. It really does point the way!

    • thanks 😀 Long time ago, when I was still back @ my homecountry, a work-friend was fooling around with a camera, taking pics of the same object (in that case it was my friend and me 🙂 ) from different “points of view”. I think he did like 10 pics and then he showed us the results (well, those were the good old times so we had to wait till he finished the roll of film 😉 ) – it was fun! I still remember that lesson 😀

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